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Note to the NSA….

July 15, 2014


1) The president lies more than a high-school senior in the backseat of his dad’s car. And in both cases, somebody’s getting screwed.

2) Nobody wants dietary advice from a Yeti, so tell Michelle to put it where she keeps pride in her country. PS: Ask her to lighten up about people mistaking her for a guy. Heck, it happens to her husband all the time.

3) If Biden were any dumber he’d be declared a new form of plant life. And he def def definitely makes Rainman seem like a gifted orator. Quit letting him out without a keeper.

4) I’ve lit paper bags afire on a porch that contained better character than Eric Holder. Don’t know what you think he should be doing, but I recommend 20 to life.

5) If Harry Reid were any more crooked they wouldn’t have to bury him, they could just screw him into the dirt.

6) Pelosi lives in her own private reality. Next time visitors come from her home planet, please send her back.

7) If you think collecting phone calls and emails without a warrant is not a breach of the constitution… you really should be sentenced and hung. Find a better job or a better alibi.

8) If I used an industrial hydraulic press on my hard drive, it won’t make this note disappear. That same applies to Lerner’s emails. And her 6 co-workers emails. And the chick at the FEC. Everyone knows it.



Just thought I’d put this all in an easy to find spot. Hate to make you fellas have to look for them. Have a great day.


I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.


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Ignorance of firearms proves fatal….

July 9, 2014

Excerpt from The Guardian:

theguardian.comThe expedition’s science leader [identified in the report as L2] emerged from another tent. He grabbed the rifle and fired four or five times. On each occasion a bullet was simply ejected on to the ground leaving the rifle empty. The bear then turned on L2 and mauled him about the head, causing him to drop the gun.

“The mountain leader of the expedition [identified in the report as L1] did not know where the spare bullets were and shouted for help in finding them. He diverted the bear from L2 by throwing a stone at it. The bear turned on L1 and mauled him badly.

“Other team members were attacked by the bear until L2 found one of the bullets that had been ejected, loaded the rifle and shot the animal dead.”

The report says the trip-wire system, a kind principally used by gamekeepers to protect bird pens, was “defective in terms of missing pieces of equipment”. It says paper clips had been used to try to make the mechanism work, but these were not sturdy enough or the right shape for the job. The group knew the system was unsatisfactory because a team member had tripped the wire a few days before when he went to the toilet in the night but it had not activated the alarm.

Regarding the rifle, the report concluded it was stored with the safety catch in a position that disabled the firing mechanism, leading to the emptying of the magazine.


THE REAL LEAD: They tried to save him, but left safety ON while firing

They focused on a faulty tripwire, which of itself suggests the “leaders” were too stupid to be camped in the habitat of dangerous predators, but they buried the truly sad part. The kid died when leaders defended him by “firing” a Mauser 98 4-5 times… cycling the bolt and all… with the SAFETY ON. He just kept ejecting live rounds.

Seriously, you didn’t notice it wasn’t going “BANG BANG”?

The paper points out “the rifle was stored with the safety catch in a position that disabled the firing mechanism, leading to the emptying of the magazine”.

REALLY? The safety disables the firing mechanism? Who knew?

And do you normally store a loaded gun with a safety OFF where you live? Oh, that’s right, it’s gauche and primitive to know how to operate firearms where you live… you have evolved. Right?

This whole incident is sad. The bear was taken down with one shot once someone figured out how to operate the Mauser 98.

So basically you have people that are too smart to go to the beach without taking along sunscreen… going to the ARCTIC, where bears are the size of minivans, without taking anyone that knew how to set a trip alarm or handle a firearm.

CONCLUSION: The bears WILL eat those too ignorant to defend themselves

The entire incident is a microcosm of what happens to a society that “evolves” beyond owning AND knowing how to use tools of self-defense. When you are so weak you give over your own defense to others, just understand the bears WILL kill and eat you.

And for the record, the bears may or may not be furry kind, but you’ll be just as helpless.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Chicago Police Chief Doubles Down on Failed Gun Policy

July 7, 2014

Chicago just had what even by their standards was a bad week for shootings. It’s gotten so bad, parents in south Chicago were seen kissing their 5 yr olds goodbye and placing them atop trains bound for Guatemala.

So despite the fact that the city has the most stringent gun laws in the nation and a higher casualty rate than Iraq… The chief of police doubled down on failure and blamed the problem on lack of gun laws. Again.

See: Blame weak gun laws for holiday violence, Chicago’s top cop says

The chief of police in the city with the most stringent gun laws in America blames lax gun laws for the over-the-top violence in his city. Really.

The chief of police in the city with the most stringent gun laws in America blames lax gun laws for the over-the-top violence in his city. Really.


I’m reminded of the kid in wood shop that complained... “I’ve re-sawed this board three times and it’s STILL too short!”

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

CHP: Serving & Protecting the $#IT! Out of You

July 7, 2014

Remember the scene in “Airplane!” where the woman panics and someone slaps her to bring her to her senses? Suddenly there’s a line of passengers waiting to “help” her, carrying baseball bats, wrenches, boxing gloves….

I like the film, but NOT as training video. This may or may not be true of the fine people at the California Highway Patrol. In support, I offer the following news story where an officer pummels a woman repeatedly in the face as she lays on the ground. He does this, says the department spokesman, for her safety.

Video shows officer punching woman on LA freeway

Click to see officer beating a woman repeatedly in the face for her own safety.

Click to see officer beating a woman repeatedly in the face for her own safety.

In the video we do not see the entire incident, just the part shown after a motorist figured out something odd was in progress. [The possible ray of sunlight in the story is that despite all evidence to the contrary, seeing someone with a badge brutalize or shoot someone is still considered "odd" by some.] The woman had been wandering dangerously close to traffic and the officer had ordered her to stop. She didn’t.

So in the interest of her safety, the officer tackles her to the concrete and begins administering punches to her face. Apparently she wasn’t safe enough after the first 5 or 6, so he administers several more, just to make sure. He is nothing if not thorough.

The Good News: One of them is undergoing a mental evaluation.
The Bad News: It isn’t the officer.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Joan Rivers and the Michelle “tranny” Remark

July 5, 2014

Joan Rivers referred to Barack Obama as “gay” and Michelle Obama as “a tranny”.


Obama supporters took it well… asking only that River’s head be placed on a pike after a torturous and painful public execution. You know, just as a warning to others.

So at least they aren’t vindictive or anything.

So here’s how it works.

  • — If a liberal comic (Maher) calls Palin a “cunt”…
  • Oh settle down, it’s just comedy.
  • — If a liberal comic (Letterman) makes sexual comments about Palin’s 13 yr old daughter…
  • Oh settle down, it’s just comedy.
  • — If a liberal comic calls Palin’s Down Syndrome toddler a “retard”…
  • Oh settle down, can seriously you not take a joke?
Hey... you talkin ta me!  Are you talkin' to ME!

Hey… you talkin ta me! Are you talkin’ to ME!

But if a liberal comic pokes at the blatantly effeminate boy king, or his bride who on any given day might scare the living heck out of an NFL linebacker… oh HELL no… it’s time to distribute the pitchforks and torches to the villagers. That’s just NOT funny.

Frankly I’m saddened by River’s careless remarks.

I mean, seriously, last thing anyone needs is for Michelle to climb  the Empire State Building and start swatting planes again.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Utah Fight Song “fixed”

July 5, 2014

PANSIES: The new mascot of the USA

A sensitive group of non-sexist non-judgmental politically correct individuals (translation: flaming jackasses) just changed the words to Utah’s fight song to ensure they are not sexist, are more inclusive, etc….

In other words, they screwed up the lyrics. See DAILY CALLER.

Before reading the article, note the purpose of a fight song. Fight songs are about 1 thing: INTIMIDATION. If you needed a hint, look at the name… FIGHT SONG.

If silverback gorillas spoke English, they’d sing a football fight song as they beat their chests. This is what fight songs were made for.

So basically, if you had a universal fight song translator… Here are the lyrics to every single football fight song ever written:
Hello opposing team,
We are very proud of our team’s men.
They are more manly than yours.
Our girls are prettier too.
Come to think of it we are superior in every way possible.
In the upcoming contest we will dominate you.
No, dominate is not a strong enough word.
We are about to beat you like rented mules.
And there isn’t a thing you can do about it.
Because you are by virtue of your selection of educational institutions our inferior in every way.
You suck / We rock.
Go team.
Sorry sweetcheeks. Trying to make something like that into a politically correct ditty is laughably stupid, not unlike trying to clean up a beach by sweeping away the sand with a broom.

And sorry about the wedgies that still haunt your dreams.

No, not really. You deserve another. Turn around, junior. Here it comes. ;-)



July 2, 2014
For those comparing the decision to Sharia Law... here's what a REAL "war on women" looks like. There are a lot of folks who'd trade your worst day for their best.

For those comparing the decision to Sharia Law… here’s what a REAL “war on women” looks like. There are a lot of folks who’d trade your worst day for their best.

The law that was enforced by the court was the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

That law was written 2 decades ago in response to Oregon denying an American Indian unemployment benefits because he smoked peyote (a controlled substance) as a part of his religion.

The law was signed by Bill Clinton (I quote the WSJ here) ” to nullify a decision from Justice Antonin Scalia in the early 1990s that denied religious exemptions from generally applicable laws.”

The owners of Hobby Lobby, the Greene family, exercised their right under that law to claim exemption based on religious belief. It doesn’t matter if you do or don’t approve of it… the law was enforced by the Supreme Court.

The law does not favor “evangelical Christians” as is commonly claimed. [For example... there is relatively little use of Peyote in Baptist church rituals.]

This ruling does not force religious beliefs on anyone, nor deny birth control. Hobby Lobby provides 16 of 20 available birth control choices. Kathleen Sebellius decided that wasn’t enough, and though she’s NOT a lawmaker, changed the law to mandate they pay for ALL.

This ruling simply stops the government from forcing something on the Greene’s. If it’s an issue, you do have a choice not to work at Hobby Lobby.

-1- SCOTUSblog Ruling links:

-2- WSJ Article with info on RFRA:

Providing this because I’ve seen a LOT of misinformation hitting the airwaves. C’mon people, it isn’t that painful to actually read up on the topic before you post hair-on-fire nonsense all over the web. Show a little bit of brain.



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