At Least He Didn’t Say He’s Wishing for a White Christmas


Thinking of canceling my subscription to Comedy Central. Comedians are amateurs compared to politicians, and they show Dallas County Commissioners meetings on TV for free.

“Where the West Begins” vs Where the East Peters Out”

Before I get tarred with the same brush (I think I can still say that can’t I?)… let me mention I *don’t* live in Dallas. I live in the same metro area, but not even the same county. We are in Southlake, a punt and a pass from Ft Worth. Dallas on the other hand is a hell-hole in my studied opinion.

Dallas is (was?) home of The Cowboys, another local embarrassment. Wasn’t always so, there was a time if you asked about their record you got an answer in terms of wins vs losses. Today it’d be arrests vs convictions. Add to that everyone knows Jerry Jones isn’t fit to carry Tom Landry’s hat and is currently selling longtime fans down the river in return for a new stadium that will play only to corporate interests that can afford tickets (which seriously will cost more than the average house). Jerry Jones IS Dallas. He lacks a soul.

You wanna offend someone from Tarrant County, just say they live in “Dallas”. Might as well spit on their truck while you’re at it, cause they already think you’re a putz. Dallas is like Hell, only with hotter weather and even more lawyers.

So now know my dirty secret… I’m a blatant Dallascist. Go ahead, try telling me some of your best friends are Dallasites, but I’m not gonna budge.


The “Black Hole” Controversy

The latest flap at the Dallas County Commissioners meeting concerned a remark made by Kenneth Mayfield with regard to the department that processes traffic tickets. Apparently it is notorious for losing things, and Commissioner Mayfield referred to the problem by indicating it is becoming “a black hole”. {shudder}

John Wiley Price, a commissioner no doubt planted by interests intent on embarrassing the hell outta north Texans… leaps up and loudly voices his objection to the racial insensitivity of the comment, suggested that the department is really becoming “a white hole“… and honest to god folks… he and another cohort in stupidity (this one a Dallas Judge) are still demanding an apology.

The only thing missing from their meetings is a laugh track. Well, that and a good dictionary.

No doubt you’ve figured out Price is one of those dime-a-dozen bozos who gets elected by playing the race card even when it doesn’t apply. Like many politicos, his only skill is getting re-elected. He’d be laughed at by *real* civil rights activists, people who boldly challenged a system that offered liberty and justice “to all men” until you read the fine print and found the word “white” somewhere in the middle. There’s a difference between opposing racism and just being an ass. Price has long since established himself in the second camp.

Ridding the World of Racism one Astronomer at a Time?

On the bright side, with any luck maybe Price will now turn his attentions on all those obvious racists working at observatories. At least it’d get him outta north Texas. Seriously, there are only two possibilities, either he’s disingenuous, or has the IQ of a toaster.

Anyway, thanks for the entertainment John, now run along and let the big kids talk.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.

3 thoughts on “At Least He Didn’t Say He’s Wishing for a White Christmas

  1. When I worked in an MCI call center I got told that I could not use the word ‘persnickety’ or ‘those kinds of words’ when talking to customers.

    Took me a while to realize that this stupidvisor only had an eight-grade vocabulary, and ‘those kinds of words’ referred to any words he did not understand. May ahve also meand words of more than two syllables — but i’m not sure I was allowed to actually say syllables..


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