I figure I’ll get mail for this one….

Career Day – A Morality Tale
David was in his 5th grade class and it was Career Day. The teacher asked the kids to stand up and tell what kind of jobs their parents did. The answers were all pretty standard for the local community… policeman, civil engineer, plumber, lawyer, electrician, various corporate sales jobs. David was being uncharacteristically quiet, and the teacher finally asked him to please share with the class.

“My dad is an exotic dancer in a gay bar where he undresses a lot on a big stage. Mom’s a waitress at the bar across the street, but they make most of their income doing a little side work as prostitutes in the alley after hours. Me and my brother stay at the pool hall with my uncle Frank while they work til 3 or 4AM.”

The teacher is shocked, and quickly puts the other kids to work on some exercises,then quietly takes David out into the hall to determine the truth of the tale.

Softly she says… Now David, I’ve met both of your parents, and I’ve even met your uncle Frank, and I’ve got to say that description you just gave doesn’t seem likely. Would you like to tell me the truth now?

David got a little red and squirmed a bit, but finally he looked up and said…

OK, look, Mom and Dad are both Senior VPs at Best of the Web… but ya gotta promise not to tell the other kids.”

Oh yeah… I figure I’ll hear about that one. :-p

Have a great day all, and try not to take life too seriously. We’re all gonna get to our destination some day, but the real trick is to enjoy the trip.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.

2 thoughts on “I figure I’ll get mail for this one….

  1. If they are an elected official in the city of Dallas, it probably stands for Virtual Pinhead.

    If it is editorette at BoTW, and the speaker is from Texas, it probably stands for Very Purdy.

    Anything else is up to your imagination.


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