An Electorate Gets the Representation They Deserve? Uh-ohhh.


Can’t recall who coined the phrase about an electorate getting the representation they deserve, but it seems pretty cruel. Granted it’d be hard to improve our lot soon given the morons running both major parties. We have millions of people in this nation. Are these the best two guys they could find?

Would You Rather Crash in a RED PLANE or A BLUE PLANE?

Really, those are my choices? If so, we oughta blow off the primary process. Save a year of bad commercials and news shots of insincere bastards flipping pancakes in Idaho and just pick the candidates with two darts and a phone book.

Deep down these two may be lovely, but I have differences with McCain’s votes. As for Obama, who the hell knows *what* he believes… he has no record or even visible related experience. He has less time in Congress than most of the volunteer interns that bring his coffee, and has been known to just vote “Present” (I’m here, I abstain) on crucial measures. Way to stand on principle you rugged individualist, thank god you were there.

CAMPAIGN PROMISES and Other Fantasies

I guess we *could* try listening to what they say during a campaign… but that tells us only what the polls say we wanna hear. Hell, I already know what I wanna hear, I was kinda curious what THEY thought. Anybody that believes campaign rhetoric while ignoring the track record probably owns a timeshare on tidal land that came highly recommended by a guy with a great smile and a history of fraud convictions.

“NEWS” Reporters… and other Campaign Tools

The news is another possible route to an educated vote, but face it, the talking heads are often undeclared campaign volunteers. Does ANYONE wonder which side Fox is on? Meanwhile on the other side, Dan Rather gave us an intimate glimpse of how newscasters try to influence elections.


Dan had ample evidence he was going to press with faked docs to “prove” a rumor about a Presidential candidate, but apparently did so anyway because he believed the content of the allegation even if he had to kid himself about the authenticity of the evidence. [Thanks Dan, why let NEWS get cluttered by FACTS.] It was eerily close to election, and might have gone unchallenged but for the speed of the net and a sharp-eyed blogger who caught an inkjet era font on docs “typed” long before that was possible . Oops.


Meanwhile, examples of news bias occur 24/7. The fawning press reaction to the Obama junket to Afghanistan comes to mind. Professional newsmen speak to each other in grave tones about whether the trip will effectively counter claims he hasn’t the experience to be the Commander in Chief.

Seriously? How could it? When McCain went it was considered a photo-op, and barely mentioned. Now somebody else gets his picture taken near guys in uniform for use in political ads… but in THIS case it is might magically confer a whole new credibility as a potential Commander in Chief? There’s some infallible logic, and fine example of reporters making news instead of reporting it.

If I get my picture taken with a few nurses… can I be Surgeon General?

CONCLUSION: Buy a Hat… Hold Onto It

That THIS process decides who has access to thermo-nuclear devices just scares the hell outta me.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.

8 thoughts on “An Electorate Gets the Representation They Deserve? Uh-ohhh.

  1. Did you see the report the other day about the air force officers who fell asleep while guarding the nuclear launch codes. Four officers, three fell asleep WHEN THE MOST WHO CAN LEGALLY SLEEP AT ONE TIME IS TWO.

    What is wrong with this picture?

    Maybe they either need more officers or fewer sleepers.


  2. That’s it. I’m convinced.

    Sorry Obama and McCain, I’m voting Jones in 08 and there’s no one who can convince me otherwise.


  3. Wow, thanks Rob… counting your vote I’m now the fastest growing candidate in the race. Let’s see those *other* guys double their voter base that quickly.


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