Political Circus: Send in the Clowns


GOP conservatives have warned John McCain that their “support will evaporate” if he chooses a runningmate that is not “Pro Life”. In other words, Tom Ridge and Joe Lieberman are verbotten if John’s gonna get Mr and Mrs First Baptist to the polls.

Do the math. He needs inroads in the 11% “undecided” ranks more than he needs to stroke your fragile ego by caving to your demands. You won’t vote for the other side, they will.

Staying home would do more than defeat your own stance on abortion… wouldn’t do you much good on the Darwin thing either.


The above notes aside, if McCain plans to continue running as a maverick instead of a successor to the least popular administration since Watergate… bad idea to devote half of the campaign poster to the face of the Bush Homeland Security team. Familiar with the word “demographics”?

Both ends of your potential vote curve would see him as a problem. As strategy goes you could do worse, but we can’t even find Bin Laden, much less convince him to run for office.


General Wesley (warrior without a clue) Clark, best known for his 2004 “who grew up poorer” contest with John (deep down I’m shallow) Edwards, has been publicly not-invited to the Democratic convention.

Wes, we know MacArthur said “old soldiers never die”, but he also said something about them going away. They aren’t being subtle… your 15 minutes ended in ’04.

Hillary seems unlikely in the extreme as a VP pick, though it’ll be interesting to watch and see how painful she’ll make it at the convention. She knows it’s a bad idea to try and steal the brass ring by getting pledged electors to switch over, but she IS part of the shrewdest longball hitting political duos in American history.

She has the brass, but if she draws the sword she has to toss the sheath. Losing would be death. Chances are she’ll settle for making him squirm.

One of the likely VP choices is Joe Biden. He supposedly lends “gravitas” to Obama. I’d be offended if someone known for plagiarizing other’s speeches was considered a huge boost to my credibility.

You wanna get your head shot off, piss off anti-war people. Counter-intuitive, but true. Kinda like the first people that’ll tell you to shut the hell up are freedom of speech guys that dont like your non-pc opinion.

Anyway, Obama fans are urging their guy to “get tough” with McCain since over the last few weeks McCain has (in their opinion):

  • (a) questioned Obama’s patriotism
  • (b) questioned Obama’s judgement,
  • (c) made fun of how his momma dresses him, and
  • (d) taken his lunch money and threatened to give him a swirly.

I for one share their shock to discover a presidential candidate that isn’t universally complimentary about the opponent’s qualifications. Just when I was leaning toward McCain… this changes everything.

Seriously… no whining. Of COURSE he doesn’t approve of his opponent’s judgment. If they don’t do a little compare and contrast that leaves us with what criteria to vote on… swimsuit competition?

[If so, Paris Hilton might have a shot after all.]

"I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message."
I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message.

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