The Farmer Picks a Wife…

Yes, It IS All About Judgment

You might think that if you’re running a campaign on the strength of your judgment and the criticism dogging you is “lack of experience”, you wouldn’t select a runningmate who recently answered a question about your qualifications on national TV by clearly stating…

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Biden on Obama:

“I think he CAN be ready, but I don’t think he IS.

The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.”

Oddly in Obama’s judgment the guy that said it is his best choice for a runningmate. I dunno, could be true… depends on who else he’s compared to.

OJ - Wisely NOT Chosen
OJ - NOT Chosen

For example, OJ Simpson would have been a terrible choice comparatively, though in his defense OJ hasn’t publicly pointed out that Obama is a lightweight.

For extra credit… Biden’s recent quotes also include stating he’d be proud to run on a ticket with John McCain.

VP candidates always have to get away from a few past statements, but there should be some doozies as media types race to mine their “Best of Joe Biden” collection.

The Agent of Change…

Be interesting to see how Obama continues to campaign about turning away from Washington politics as usual by selecting a runningmate who has helped lead it, a high level insider that has assisted the Democratically controlled Congress to achieve a record level of nothing.

Yep… he’d be my first choice as an agent of change. After all, he’s only been the VP candidate a few hours and he’s already changed his story about the qualifications of both Obama and McCain.

Biden: Understands Common Working Man

Today Obama praised Biden’s understanding of the common working man. Huh? Biden’s been in Congress for 36 years… the “common working man” is the guy that’s been paying his salary and rather substantial perks of elective office for half his lifetime. Guess he means Biden’s very good at convincing people he understands the working man… that’s how he’s managed to avoid ever becoming one.

The Fabulous McCain Housing Gaffe

Arguably the Biden announcement beats the recent harping about the fact that McCain literally had no clue how many houses he and/or his wife own. On the surface that IS weird, but it seriously fades when you hear why.

Cindy McCain

Years ago McCain was divorced because he got caught with another woman. In the end his punishment was to get stuck marrying a seriously hot swimsuit model 17 years his junior, fabulously wealthy, with political connections and a dad that owns a brewery.

[Damn, talk about “cruel fate”.]

I’ll grant you it destroys any suspicion he’s “the common man”… but for every person who holds that against him there are about 10 guys my age that hope he writes a “How-To” book.

"I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message."
I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message.

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