Chinese Zebras Win Gold

Ignoring the Obvious

Any time you hear hoofbeats cantering up behind it’s technically *possible* you’ll turn around and see zebras… but you can pretty much rest assured that when you DO turn around you’re gonna see horses.

The Chinese "Womens" Team
The Chinese *Womens* Gymnastics Team

Pointing Out the Chairman’s New Clothes

Mike Walker of Stryde Hax , David Flummenbaum of HuffPost, and others have provided ample evidence that the Chinese authorities for years certified the ages of their Womens Gymnastics team differently than shown on the passports that now conveniently support their Olympic eligibility.

Years of pre-existing docs are being jerked from the web almost as fast as they’re being discovered, but the pace of removal slows as it becomes obvious the ruling bodies hope the issue goes away, and could care less about the mounting evidence they’ve ignored.

Blame the Whiny Americans? No

Lest anyone suggest I wouldn’t say this had the ineligible players lost… all I can say is of *DUH!*. The idea of a level field kinda requires that even athletes of the host country meet the eligibility standards. I doubt those that consider it poor sportsmanship to protest this poorly concealed ruse would be similarly nonchalant had the US team taken Gold with ONE ineligible player… much less a team packed with same.

Blame the Chinese Athletes? Again, No

Do I hold the girls themselves at fault? No. They’re incredible athletes who are unfortunate to live in a regime that wouldve sent them to a labor camp for failing to play along.

Holding those Responsible to Their Actions

Blame the Chinese Authorities…
They sadly dropped 40 billion or so on the Olympics to build their image, but the image many will remember is a government that cheats for a few medals, then lied indignantly when they get caught passing off docs created in the Peoples Ministry of Photoshop. They wasted a lot of money if all they were gonna do is piss away the goodwill by backing a transparent ruse.

Blame the Governing Bodies: IOC and FIG

The fact that Rogge of the IOC and Bruni of the FIG have so far been willing to accept docs created by Chinese authorities as substantive evidence that docs created by Chinese authorities are accurate only proves that either

  1. Past problems with high level payoffs are still an issue… or
  2. Female Chinese gymnasts arent the only ones there missing sexual characteristics traditionally developed by a certain age.

The IOCs Jacques Rogge has disgraced his office. With luck, continued pressure will scare him more than the Chinese government apparently does.

Note to Mr Rogge – It takes a lifetime to build a good name. You can tear one down with a single act of cowardice. Surprise us by doing your job, belatedly as it might be, and hold the Chinese to the same rules as everyone else.

"I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message."

7 thoughts on “Chinese Zebras Win Gold

  1. Rob Jones: you are an ignorant sack of shit who understands nothing of what goes on in China. Just because you are white you think you have some god-given right to dictate to 1.3billion people how to run their own affairs.
    Tell you what you dirty arsewipe. China could sink the US economy any time it chooses. Of course the US could also damage us. But at least the Chinese people are tough. We will survive and return to fight another day. Americans are soft cocks.

    The Beijing Olympics was the greatest Olympics in all of fucken history in ever single aspect. A bitter, jealous white cocksucker like yourself just hates that. You wail and gnash your teeth. But you can’t do anything. Soon your kind will be extinct. You have mexicans pouring over your border, the prospect of a black president OR a white president who supports massive non-white immigration. We will bury motherfuckers like you.
    One day the batons will be held by us Chinese. And when that day comes I will take great pleasure in splitting the skulls of you and all your fucken family.


  2. Jebe: Thank you for taking the necessary time to chew through the restraining devices so you could post that thoughtful and dignified response. It is always refreshing to witness the thought process of the kinda guys that put the “K” in “Kwality”.

    Regards ~ rj


  3. “We will survive and return to fight another day”

    Isn’t this from “Animal Farm” ? Have you read it, or still living there?

    Or perhaps its a new dazibao?



  4. Well dayum… that’s a dang fine exhibition of “Freedom of Speech”… and since that’s not a quality of life that most Chinese enjoy, makes ya kinda wonder about ol’ Jebe, huh?


  5. I totally agree… I think it is totally disgusting and unfair that they cheated and are getting away with it. A couple of forensic scientists here even researched their features and things and say there is NO WAY they are all 15 to 16.


  6. Sure, he’s a racist… but not like anyone *really* from China ever called somebody a “dirty arsewipe”.

    Wherever he’s from, prob has a shot at Olympic gold in the 400 Meter “Running with Scissors” Medley. Not like he’d fail the drug test, sounds like he’s been skipping his meds for quite a while.


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