Did Palin Kill and Eat First Child?

Inquiring Minds NEED to Know!

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As the GOP continues a frenzied effort to buttress their pitiful GILF VP nomination, new allegations raise questions whether Sarah Palin is qualified to lead the country as have ALL vice presidents since at least John Nance Garner.

Breaking news found on http://www.Iwannahaveobamasbaby.com detail sensational allegations that Palin actually killed and devoured her first child during a slow day when she was mayor. Meanwhile a woman who attended 2nd grade with Palin has come forward to confess having given Palin answers on a key spelling quiz in 1971.


The press are treating these allegations carefully, MSNBC analyst Keith Olberman saying soberly that these are still as yet unverified rumors and…

…should not be given serious consideration until thoroughly investigated and/or the current story about her clubbing puppies then hacking their bodies with an axe quits getting headlines.

Meanwhile Brian Williams noted it is not news until HE says it’s news, and currently he’s far too busy researching links to the 9/11 highjackers who may have entered the country with passports typed on Palin’s laptop.


In answer to spurious charges of media bias, Katie Couric laughed and said the media is just doing their job.

The DNC has fielded a perfect Presidential candidate who has given us his word he’d be a good commander in chief. To be fair, we just want to make sure the VP for the other side can recite from memory the names of all in the military, can fly both jets and helicopters, and pass the Navy Seal physical.

Couric flashed a trademark grin, adjusted her Obama ’08 t-shirt, and left.

Chris Matthews was similarly dismissive…

“Our job is to report. There are many stories to check. Only yesterday there was a blog… Mooses_Against_Palin.com reporting she murdered her predecessor to become mayor.

Is it true? We can’t say yet, but when these stories pop up it raises the question whether the GOP really vetted her.”

Nora O’Donnel added… The media treats both sides the same”. She then went on to cite numerous news articles questioning whether Obama could be President AND still raise his young children, or why as a working father he refuses to put his family first.


Meanwhile Campbell Brown said the media must make difficult calls on behalf of Americans to preserve the public trust, and if it came down between:

  1. A Presidential hopeful whose first fundraiser was hosted by a guy who planted explosives in government buildings but walked on a technicality, or
  2. A potential VP whose spouse got a DWI before many of todays voters were born

The obvious answer is you check out the second one.

We owe it to the people to do a thorough vetting, especially since the GOP failed to mention DWI-GATE when McCain introduced her.

We clearly don’t have a dog in this fight.



Limited Disclosure:

  • There aren’t any real quotes up there (those mighta been even more embarrassing)
  • I once purchased gas from Exxon just to get a tiger-tail key chain
  • I have no connection to the Palin campaign and have only searched for revealing pictures of her on Google once
I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message.

7 thoughts on “Did Palin Kill and Eat First Child?

  1. I’m relieved to have finally found a reliable source of relevant news about Palin, apart from the Jon Stewart Daily Show.

    Thank you for providing this needed public service.



  2. If the role of the V.P. is to deter presidential assassination, eating babies and clubbing puppies is no use at all. A bulldog in lipstick is the perfect pin-up for psychopaths. Picture them queuing up to get a shot at the poor old president, so they can see more of their beloved on the news.

    Of course I may be misunderstanding your mysterious political system as usual.


  3. Hey, as a psychopath I find that offensive! It’s a media thing… nobody ever tells you about all the GOOD things psychopaths do… when did you ever see a headline that said “Psychopath rescues baby from burning apartment”. It’s a plot.

    Heck Jean, of course you don’t understand our system… neither do we. Thanks for stopping by though. :-)


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