A Media Bridge to Nowhere


You’ve Seen The News

Given the the information… let’s take a test.

QUESTION 1: There are four candidates running, only two slots open. Much has been said about “the bridge to nowhere”. Two of the candidates voted FOR the “bridge to nowhere”… what were their names?

  • A –  John McCain and Sarah Palin
  • B –  Barrack Obama and Joe Biden

Answer: If you picked “A” you’ve been paying close attention to the news. If you picked “B” you’ve been paying attention to the facts.

RELATED FACTS: Obama and Biden both voted FOR the bridge to nowhere. McCain had vocally opposed the bridge, but did not vote. Palin is a governor and they do not vote on Congressional funding bills.  


QUESTION 2: Much has been made about Republican failure to support Louisianna after hurricane Katrina. When Alaska’s “bridge to nowhere” was considered, Republican Tom Coburn offered an amendment with ONE purpose… divert those funds to rebuild bridges in Louisianna damaged by hurricane Katrina.

Which two current candidates voted AGAINST doing that?

  • A – John McCain and Sarah Palin
  • B – Barrack Obama and Joe Biden

ANSWER: If you said “A”, again you’ve seen media coverage, not the facts. The answer is “Obama and Biden“.

RELATED FACTS: Obama and Biden voted AGAINST diverting “bridge to nowhere” funds to bridges destroyed by Katrina. Don’t take my word… see the ROLE CALL VOTE on the Congressional website.


BULLSHIT! No way… If this was true we’d have heard !

Naah, gets buried by a media so in bed with Obama that if he got STDs they’d need a physical. Any negative story on Obama results in newscasters sticking fingers in their ears (or their head somewhere less savory).

Here’s a clip showing part of the story. The full text continues on to detail Bidens own spending skeletons (see link at bottom).


Here’s a link to the above CNN story specifically pointing out the facts… but if it got airtime it disappeared fast. Would this be getting airtime if the players had been McCain and Palin?


If this was widely known information, I wouldnt have seen Obama give a speech today where he got applause by saying…

“if you believe THAT… I’ve got a bridge in Alaska to sell you!”

Yes, he does seem to be selling us a bridge, the very one he and Biden voted for. Sadly, the “watchdog media”  is brokering the deal.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I'm Rob Jones, and I approved this message.

3 thoughts on “A Media Bridge to Nowhere

  1. ROFL. Finished typing the above blog post, an issue I’ve been pounding on for a week with some guys elsewhere… and this afternoon CNN finally ran this on their TV news today.

    Will it be a onetime shot… or will the talking heads actually hold Obama and Biden to the flame for constantly referring to this as pork when both of them actually supported it and preferred it to fixing the Katrina bridges.


  2. To be fair Palin was all for the bridge as well. In fact she kept the money they gave her for it and just used it for something else once the outrage was public enough.

    None of these 4 are running for office to make our lives better.


  3. Let’s just say if I had the entire nation to pick from these wouldn’t be my top four picks either… but that was on an earlier blog post. Our nominating system has a few wrinkles that could use ironing out.

    We probably could go to the American Idol judging format and do a better job. Instead of the millions spent on campaigns we could use the ad revenues generated by the show to reduce the national debt.

    Since it’s my idea I have dibs on being Simon… you can be Randy, or if you’re feeling really “festive” you can be the token drunk chick.


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