Senate Passes $800 Billion Bill

Forgery is Illegal…
Except in congress, then it’s called “Wednesday”. You print fake money, you go to jail. Do it in the Senate, you’re a “Patriot”.

How Much is 800 Billion?
A billion is a one with nine zeros after it. Multiply that times 800.

Exercise: Pretend you’re the Federal Government
Stick a dollar on the copier. Hit “print”. Now do it 799,999,999,999 more times. Assuming you have a fast copier and it takes 1 second to crank out a buck, how long would it take to make $800 billion?

If you hit the button once a second, you’d hit 800 bil in a mere…
25,367 years plus about 10 months.

For those playing along at home, that’s 253.68 centuries… assuming you do it without sleep or breaks. [I suggest working in shifts.]

That sounds kinda long…
The birth of Christ was about 2000 years ago… surely you can avoid potty breaks for 12 – 13 times the length between then and now. OK, sure, printing this is harder than it sounded, but nobody said being a Federal employee was a picnic. Buck up.

WAIT: Does Our Government HAVE $800 billion ?
Technically no, they’re in debt, but you don’t want me to describe how big a TRILLION is. They do however have a helluvalot better printers than you do, and they don’t go to prison for it.

The House hasn’t voted on this yet. Do I think they’ll vote for it? Yeah, despite the majority of their constituents screaming “NO”. Face it, they’re Representatives, not representatives. Somehow that makes sense, at least in DC.

If the founders were still around (they died a scant 200 years ago) I have a feeling the guys that threw tea in a harbor would be vandalizing printing presses about now, and for the same reason.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.

One thought on “Senate Passes $800 Billion Bill


    The words “No Taxation without Representation” began as a slogan in the period 1763-1776 just before the first American Revolution. The slogan summarized the primary grievance of the American colonists in the Thirteen Colonies who believed the lack of representation in the British Parliament was an illegal denial of their rights as English citizens. The colonists believed that the laws excessively taxing them for services they did not receive were illegal.

    It has become apparent to most Americans that both houses of our Congress, just like the British Parliament of the 1760’s and 1770’s, no longer represents the interests of the American people. Our congress routinely passes legislation that benefits a wide variety of special interest groups at the expense of the average American citizen and taxpayer. Through the use of special interest bribes (I mean campaign contributions), it can now be said that America has the best congress that money can buy.

    American taxpayers are seeing their taxes go up at every level of government, oftentimes for services and programs that they do not benefit from, nor approve of. Our local and school taxes are rising at a rate far exceeding any increases in our incomes. The U.S. congress and the Federal Reserve are printing fiat money (backed by nothing) as fast as the printing presses can print it and the American taxpayers are starting to get angry about the increasing burden of taxation placed upon them and they have every right to be angry.

    The American taxpayers who live up to their responsibilities and who work hard (often holding two jobs) to pay their bills with less take-home money are:

    1. paying for ongoing failed social engineering experiments in housing and education,
    2. paying for the funding of anti-American, socialist organizations like LaRaza and ACORN,
    3. paying for a variety of services provided to 15 million +/- illegal aliens,
    4. paying for the bailout of large international banks,
    5. paying for the bailout of Wall Street firms,
    6. paying for the bailout of real estate investors and
    7. paying for the bailout of people who are unable or unwilling to be responsible adults and who fail to pay their own bills, including their mortgages.

    Many American citizens, particularly those who pay taxes, are frustrated by a government that no longer represents them, but rather represents the interests of an oligarchy of about one thousand political and financial elites who exert unconstitutional and illegal control over our government and economy for their personal gain.

    The members of this oligarchy are not loyal Americans who have the best interests of the county in mind, but rather they are people who benefit financially or politically by keeping our country in a constant state of war, by dumbing down our education system, by devaluating our currency, by separating us into categories by race and ethnic origin, by drugging 6 million of children with mind altering drugs, by flooding our country with illegal aliens, and by chipping away at our nation’s sovereignty, freedoms and liberties.

    I believe that Americans are fast approaching a point of frustration and anger with their own government similar to what the American colonists reached in 1776. They want to take their country and government back from the corrupt political and financial elites who control it. Let’s hope that the second American Revolution that we see on the horizon, is accomplished via the ballot box.

    John Wallace
    New York Campaign for Liberty
    Chatham, New York


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