Joe the Plumber… Why all the ruckus?

Joe the Plumber

Suddenly “investigative” reporters (what a laugh) who never saw any reason to investigate the Bill Ayres association are determined to find out “the truth” about “Joe the Plumber“. Really? Why? This is NOT about him. Seriously. Ever heard the word “symbolism“? Look it up, it’s there.

News Flash: It Ain’t About HIM

You could prove Joe himself is actually a holdover spy from the Soviet Union era and it doesn’t change the effect. You may not know one, but as shown below, many in middle class America know their own “Joe the Plumber” in varying stages of his life trek. Here’s mine.

Try David the Plumber
If Biden thinks it is impossible to make 250k owning a plumbing business, he isn’t familiar with owners of successful trade businesses. I know one (his name is David, not Joe) that started out the hard way unclogging sinks and toilets at 2am, sleeping with one ear on an on-call system. He was frequently working in nastiness when his friends were warm and cozy in bed.

By the mid 1990s he’d grown the biz to where he was an administrator with 25 trucks, negotiating contracts with volume builders, doing nothing but rough-ins and installs on new builds for David Weekley, DR Horton, et al. If he was clearing $1000/mo per truck (he was one of my vendors, so yes, he was) he was easily making in excess $250k/yr on the business. The math isnt that hard.

He employs a lot of folks, and not only plumbers… but staff for administration, his dispatch personnel, and the lawyers and accountants and such that go with any growing business. He is the face of the wealthy within the middle class, and he got there the hard way. He’s the picture of the nose to the grindstone American success story.

That’s what the “Joe the Plumber” story is about

People that know successful tradesmen were suddenly able to put a face on the tax hike, and the face didnt just match “rich fatcats” on Wall Street like they thought. Prior to that many assumed the tax increases would only affect “them”, snobs they didnt like… and didn’t see it hitting “us”.

Suddenly it became obvious it’d also slam the nice guy that sponsors their kid’s T-Ball team every year. This story was never about “Joe” personally, just about who would get hit. That’s why the image resonated.

As for the media…

Now that you realize this isn’t really about him, you can leave Joe alone. Pardon him for daring to have aspirations of achieving the American dream without your express permission. As I said before, if Obama ever contracts an STD… I can think of a few newscasters who might wanna get a checkup.

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