Note to Dallas City Council and Chief Kunkel

To: Dallas City Council and Chief Kunkel
RE: Officer Robert Powell
Subj: Dismissal for “Conduct Unbecoming”

Exactly how long does it take to review a 20 minute video? If my math is right you can do it three times in one hour.

For ease of use, here’s the subject matter:

A review of the video is all it takes to decide this. I don’t care if Powell has also saved numerous kitties from trees… the public does NOT need to have an immature bully with a gun, a badge, and an “I can screw you over” attitude that is so ingrained he will verbalize it when he KNOWS he’s on tape.

Abuse under color of law is a VERY serious issue, and those that practice OR condone it are unfit to serve. That was NOT a traffic stop, that was assault with a deadly weapon.

I don’t know if Powell’s issues are with blacks, with blacks that are wealthier than him (aka: “uppity”), with *anyone* wealthier than him regardless of color, or just with anyone he thinks can power trip on. It doesn’t matter.

Simple fact:

He has issues that preclude handing him a gun and a badge with which to terrorize citizens.

Now that Texas has again had yet another 15 minutes of international shame thanks to a punk that anyone viewing the tape can see should have been cut during his initial psych eval… kindly do your job and get rid of him.

While you’re at it, get rid of ANY officer that considered his actions justifiable. It’d be a nice litmus test to detect power-tripping sociopaths. Correct answer: They were not.

I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message.

One thought on “Note to Dallas City Council and Chief Kunkel

  1. Thank goodness he never became a doctor. Imagine the awful bedside manner he’d have if he were inside the hospital if he’s willing to pull that outside.


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