Dear total Dumbass Webmaster

Hi Byron…

I hear you lost Tyla. You girls seem to be making all the wrong moves lately. What a shame.

Also noticed you arent doing well on the ONE Google search you absolutely need . I’d mention what it is, but don’t feel generous. [Sorry kid.] I suspect the loss was due to your own actions anyway (hate it when that happens). You are one highly skilled webmaster. LOL. Congrats on bringing your own web orders down. It will continue to get worse unless you fix your error.

What is that?
Umm… thats not my problem. Have fun figuring it out, you ignorant rookie.

Have a great Easter
Hope you and the half bro (a fine manager) are well. He’s a peach, and you do a great job of fulfilling the role of the flying monkey. :-p

Love ~ Rob

I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones, and I approve this message.

2 thoughts on “Dear total Dumbass Webmaster

    1. LOL. Hi Randy. Thanks for taking a moment away from your Texas Discussion Forum to visit my corner of the world. [For those unfamiliar… see ]

      This post was a message to some half-sized half-wits who according to my logs are still waiting for the other shoe to drop. [Stay tuned boys, if you watch closely you’ll figure something out. Then again, maybe ya won’t.] One of ’em’s a blustering red-faced twerp that shoulda had better manners… watching his self-induced descent into oblivion is pretty fuckin’ amusing.

      Stupidity is its own reward, and Karma’s a real bitch. I love a happy ending. :)


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