For My Birthday I’m Getting a New Saddle for Greg

For any of the oldtime FBC guys that missed the memo, keep Greg Hill in your prayers… he took a serious dive from the saddle yesterday. Violated the first two rules of trail riding.

  • Rule #1: “Always keep a horse between you and the ground“.
  • Rule #2 is “If you violate rule #1, be sure you are NOT on a paved road.

Greg’s at Harris Methodist in Ft Worth where they appear to be scanning anything scannable. He must have good insurance or a helluvalot better credit rating than I do, cause if you go to the hospital with a head injury but NO insurance card they give you two Tylenol and suggest you read “Rules of Trail Riding”  while convalescing.

Have heard through the grapevine a number of descriptions of how the fall occurred. As they’re all a lot more interesting than what anyone there saw I won’t bother posting my version, but bottom line he hit the road pretty durn hard and went “lights out”. Scared the heck outta me if not everyone else. We wish him God-speed in his recovery.

On the bright side Greg now has scans of his head and according to the doc there IS a brain shown there, so unlike most of us he has documentation to counter rumors to the contrary. In that respect I’m envious. Aside from that, thanks for making my birthday memorable Greg, but I think we’ll agree that a next time a funny card would suffice.

Glad to see your sense of humor survived the fall, though. Hope you get back up to full speed and back in the saddle soon. For what it’s worth, I spent my birthday today at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo today. Did my best to find a you a new saddle, but no such luck. You’d think at least one of the vendors woulda had something with a seatbelt and airbags.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.

One thought on “For My Birthday I’m Getting a New Saddle for Greg

  1. Rob, I always enjoy your writing, even when I find myself wishing you had time for more of it. I’ve awarded you the Sunshine Award, for having a great blog. (I know, Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize, but I did the best I could!)


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