Working on a Cause
Yeah, I know, who isn’t. There are causes everywhere. and many of them imminently worthwhile. We needs the rain forests, there are a zillion worthy animal rescue causes, and every disease has a group out there fighting for attention so they can be cured.

In this case the cause is very specific. A friend. In this case, the daughter of Sandy & John Hunnicutt… Rachel Hunnicutt Knight. She’s a newlywed, a mom, and a longtime cancer survivor.

I won’t repeat the text of the site, but the bottom line is she needs a bone marrow transplant. I will repeat one line from the site. The footer of the site says the message that hopefully comes across…

Nobody can help everyone, but everyone can help somebody.

Please take a minute and visit If you’re in a position to donate to the cause, please do.

Thanks ~ Rob

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