Happy BD to Rachel Hunnicutt-Knight!

Just a quick note to thank anyone that has been following this story. I owe so many people for their help I dont know where to start, but one thing upcoming is gonna be a blogroll and a “Friends of Rachel” type set of links to show gratitude for the folks that are assisting us in the http://www.got-marrow.org effort.

Funny part is, Rachel and Shawn sent me a note suggesting that. They’ve been reading stuff by all these SEOs and are starting to think like one. [You guys be careful… who knew anyone actually read anything we wrote!]

Anyway… to the point…
Happy 24th BD Rachel. If anyone reading this message wants to take a moment from their day and drop her a quick birthday note… you’ll find a spot waiting for you on the well-wishes wall here: http://www.got-marrow.org/well-wishes/

I’m sure the readership of my blog will make a HUGE contribution if BOTH of you post.

Thanks again for your help guys. You’ve all been great troopers. Who knew the internet could actually be put to a good use?

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