Mexican Drone Crashes in El Paso

Honestly… News Beats Fiction Every Time
News reports indicate an unmanned spy drone belonging to the Mexican government crashed in El Paso Texas today.

US Border Patrol agents found the drone and returned it to Mexican authorities without letting the TSA or whoever probably shoulda  looked at it do so. Reports indicate the reason it crashed is unknown.

Seriously? Mexico needs to spy on El Paso by air?

Is this because they just don’t have enough boots on the ground there already? I mean, hell, it’d be damned hard to sneak a Mexican national into El Paso. I’m sure he’d really stand out like a sore thumb in that crowd. That’d be almost as hard as slipping a retired Jewish couple into Florida.

On the bright side, without looking I can probably tell ’em what caused it to crash. If you wind the propeller too many times… it puts way too much stress on the rubber band.

God I love the news.

I'm Rob Jones, and I approved this message.


7 thoughts on “Mexican Drone Crashes in El Paso

  1. No more rubber bands on those drones these days, Rob. They were a gift from our government… okay, from us, since our taxes paid for them.

    Six of them were delivered a couple of months ago here in Baja California. I have no idea how many in total, though. I’d look up the cost each, but that’d probably just depress me.

    So you can at least rest easy that they weren’t a poor man’s version…. they’re the best your money can buy! ;)


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