Things to do that don’t require batteries

DISCLAIMER: This has nothing to do with sex
So… if you got to this page via search engine and your previous search terms were “kama sutra”, “adult entertainment”, or “sex toys”, this post will be a huge disappointment.

Coincidentally that probably holds true if you got here any other way, cause how smart could I be to have just wasted the best linkbait paragraph I’ve ever written on an un-monetized blog?

Batteries Not Included
Occasionally I have been known to mention that it’s silly to wonder why kids don’t have properly developed value systems when they’re raised by TVs and X-box’s instead of moms and dads. I might do this for any number of reasons:

      * Its true
      * I’m bitter at having been raised by mere humans
      * It’s in the by-laws of the “People-over-50” union and I hadn’t hit the quota
      * Always did want to sound like Andy Rooney

Every generation thinks the one below them’s brain-dead, and is just as sure  it’s due to their appallingly easy and decadent lifestyle that has never required them to trudge two miles in the snow (uphill both ways) to reach  [(A) school  (B) drinking water  (C) flush-toilets  (D) Starbucks  (E) other]… so it’d be redundant to write about it again. So basically I’m saying you can ignore everything from here up, as this too isnt what I’m posting about.

Now it’s tempting to make this post about stuff the post isn’t about, then stop.
I’ll fight the urge (far as you know).

To make a long story short, it’s too late to make a long story short
So here’s the point of the title. When I was in college a couple of frat buddies and I worked together, and spent days entertaining ourselves with names for sequels to “Coma”. Basically any movie name offers ample opportunity, some better than others.

    * The Good, the Bad, and the Coma
    * Coma from the Black Lagoon
    * Comablanca

We’d toil quietly for a stretch, then somebody’d say “A Fistful of Comas” or somesuch and we’d all crack up. Afterward we might have a deep philosophical debate on why “Singin’ in the Coma” was vastly funnier than “Coma in the Rain”, or why Jimmy Stewart probably wouldnt be right for “It’s a Wonderful Coma”.

I’m sure this says something about the heightened level of sophistication prevalent in the college greek system, but mostly speaks to the enormous number of brain cells we destroyed in the same general time period.

Anyway, thought I’d toss it out in case anyone needs and activity to play along with on a car trip or a rainy day when the batteries have lost their charge. When the novelty wears off you can switch over to the game Kat’s playing in a Facebook thread where you replace a word in a famous quote with “duck”.

That’s about it. If you made it to here you truly oughta get a hobby. Have a great weekend, and remember…

‎”This above all: to thine own duck be true.” ~ Hamlet

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.

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