Giving the Speech Without Your Trousers

CAUTION: Pointless trip down memory lane follows:
You’ve been warned, so if you continue from here, don’t blame me. ~ RJ


Despite the title this really isn’t about nekkididity
The reference pertains to a screwup that was the live-action version of that dream. Currently have You-Tube on while working. Listening to a chorale that we did in Trinity High School choir my senior year: Die Rosa Stand im Tau.


That one has memories
Almost half a century ago {wow… ok, I’m officially old now} I got all flustered at UIL solo competition when they gave me this one to perform. Knew it cold, but it was acapella competition and we started based on a single tone from a pitch pipe.

Somehow I launched in on the first tenor part… which woulda been fine had I not been a second tenor, and their part had some notes that were higher than Charlie Sheen on a three day weekend.

The trousers part {finally}
Knew I’d done it the second I got going, but switching parts during the song wouldve gotten me nailed by the judges. So I dutifully did the first tenor part the whole way through… god-awful high notes and all. It was the choral equivalent of that nightmare where you are giving a speech and realize you forgot your trousers, only it wasn’t a dream.

Let’s just say I didn’t make the All-District ensemble and let it go at that.

Yeah yeah. Don’t blame me if you ignored the warning you dope.


Related Rambling
We did a fair amount of stuff in other languages. This one was a piece of cake {well, provided you sang your own part}. It was the one that ran 14 pages in Latin that threw us a curve. If anyone from my old choir sees this {oddly according to Google, *somebody* reads this page, I should find out his name someday}… you’ll know I’m talking about Ne irascaris Domine.

Posting a video of that here, though clearly a different scoring of it than we did:


You Kids Get Off My Lawn!
Occurs to me it woulda been a helluvalot easier to learn and practice this stuff if we’d had Youtube at the time. I’d launch into the traditional thing about how kids have it easier now, but having already realized I learned the songs above nearly five decades ago I think I’ll pass. If I did that the next thing ya know I’d be out hollering at kids to get off the lawn.

This whole post makes me wonder why my teeth aren’t in a jar by the bedside. Sheesh.

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