“Alleged Gunmen” and Dated Photos

Gotta love the news…
They’ll report total BS without fact-checking, and then turn around and refer to someone caught red-handed in the act of shooting people on camera as “the alleged gunman”. It’s one thing to be cautious about accusing people of stuff, but seriously now.

Just heard a report a minute ago where they were reporting on fire fatalities and said there was one victim… “believed to be a child”.

Dear Media: Grow one

That of course is tragically horrific news, but the caution struck me as odd. Couldn’t help wondering why that was an issue to be careful about. Are they thinking the heat might have shrunk an adult, or do they plan to check for missing midgets before committing?

I dunno, just wish they’d make up their minds sometimes.

They spent weeks showing us pictures of an angelic 11 year old Trayvon Martin, letting people wonder how this cute little youngster could possibly have been viewed as a threat. Turned out the real guy was 6’3 or so and the photos left out roughly a third of his age. Even when current pics became available the public was shown the more flattering childhood photos instead.

The news didn’t seem to mind the disparity between reality and the perception they peddled, and ended up leaving the impression at least in my mind that it was a deliberate effort to shape public opinion rather than just report. I don’t pretend I see inside the mind of George Zimmerman, but I do think the news needs to avoid intentionally poisoning the well.

Just report the news, guys. We can make our own decisions. Really.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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