Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States

A Few Words from President Barrack Obama:

Good evening. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur, hope and change! Adipiscing elit, it was the right thing to DO. Again… adipiscing elit, it was the right thing to DO{pause for applause}

Vivamus ultrices pellentesque? YES WE CAN! {pause for standing ovation}

But let me make this perfectly clear… ligula vitae aliquam! Lorem ipsum FORWARD. Dolor sit amet, their partisan actions, consectetur adipiscing elit I personally killed bin Laden while Navy SEALs watched in awe. Fusce eget ante… middle class, leo, ac dignissim massa, compromise.

Make no mistake, sed in erat elementum corporate greed… elit pellentesque previous administration, Tea Party, global warming, lazy do-nothing Congress, ATMs, Joe Biden, fluctuating overseas markets, and the sun was in my eyes.

Hope and change! {Hold for applause… fade to black}

——– {pause for station identification} ——–

And Now, a Personal Message from Vice President Biden:

Ever since the dark days when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor….






I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.


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