Yes sir, AND the horse you rode in on

Here’s a quote from a recent speech by the president:

You didn’t build it!

“If you’ve got a business— you didn’t build that.

Somebody else made that happen.”



Somebody got off teleprompter and showed true colors
Seriously, junior… we realize you have never held a real job. We understand that at no point have you had to sit up sweating how you were going to meet a payroll. We know that you have lived your entire life with someone else supplying you the money, and have NEVER at any single point had to make sacrifices to grow a business.

That explains your ignorance… but it does NOT excuse it
Your personal dismissal of all successful entrepreneurs is noted. It’s nice that you’ve finally shed any pretense of understanding capitalism, and admitted you think the government is the fount of all blessings.

That said, we now have a choice
We can vote for a clearly successful businessman (whom you have accused of being a terminal job outsourcer)… or a socialist believer who openly funneled BILLIONS to his campaign donors.

It’s an easy choice for anyone that is paying attention. Thanks very much for making it clear.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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