Campaign 2012 – “Oh Look! Squirrel!!”

Confronted with a snarling dog…
The answer is to divert his attention to something besides the quarry {aka YOU}.

It Appears “Look! Squirrel!!” is the new Obama campaign theme
OK, it doesn’t have quite the appeal of “Hope and Change” or the positivity of “Yes We Can”, but the mainstream media (who at this point should be writing off the Obama team as ‘dependents’) have proven more than happy to play along by offering credence to an ever-increasing list of totally specious and trivial issues for us to look at instead of focusing on ANYTHING of consequence.

Case in point… today the Huffington Post provided us with a very meaty story about Romney’s Twitter account. Did he buy followers for the account to boost his apparent popularity or did someone in the opposition campaign do it to point and laugh?

You, Mr and Mrs America, must be the judges
Now be fair, but don’t withhold your righteous wrath. Justice *must*  be done in this weighty matter. Twitorial integrity is at stake! Let this sorta stuff pass, next thing you know Romney will spamming you with Mafia Wars requests on Facebook. You were warned.

MRAP – Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle designed for asynchronous warfare
Coming soon to a city near you!

Geeee… Lemme Think
– Homeland Security is fielding military vehicles designed for asynchronous warfare

– They just stocked enough .40 cal ammo to double-tap every citizen in the country

– The Dept of Energy just purchased 6 .50 cal Barretts that can cut a man in half a mile away

– Military drones give big brother an eye {or a gun} in the sky over the entire nation

– This month the president is to sign a UN arms treaty that conflicts with the constitution

– For the first time in history the president supposedly has the right to kill or indefinitely detain US citizens without due process

– The Federal Government peddled thousands of weapons to drug lords {and the president cloaked related docs by “Executive privilege”}

– The economy’s so screwed we get the effect of visiting Greece without having to move

So as the Feds prepare to go to war with our own citizens
I can SEE why my real concern should be the integrity of a Twitter account, seeing more tax returns {psst: Romney’s rich, we’ve established that}, or my favorite, outrage about Chick-fil-a?

We have an important election season ahead…
… and the nation is off chasing sticks thrown by a media that wants to divert their attention away from any unpleasant matters like constitutional integrity or bad behavior of the government.

If tanks rolled into the freakin city square of every state capitol, the major networks and newspapers would run headlines about the change of judges on American Idol.

But enough of this unpleasantness
Let’s talk about the rose ceremony on The Batchelor, OK?

SIT! STAY. Play dead. Good boy.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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