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Obama – Godfather of the USA

July 31, 2012

Today we find a federal judge just ruled that Obama appointees DID intervene on behalf of the New Black Panther thugs who were standing in front of a polling station shouting racial epithets and wielding a billy club.

As we speak, the same political appointees are currently prosecuting states for trying to remove dead voters from their roles. Or from requiring people to show an ID that matches the name they are voting under.

That same DOJ is harrassing Gibson Guitars because the owner was a GOP donor. Gibson had inventory confiscated by armed government reps in 2009 based on the premise they broke another country’s law, and again in 2010, yet Gibson has been charged with, yes, nothing.

Yet a competing manufacturer owned by a DNC donor uses the same supply chain, same material confiscated from Gibson, and has not received so much as a DOJ letter suggesting there’s an issue.

And meantime… I watch The Godfather on TV. Seems appropo while a Daley machine candidate occupies the White House and rules the nation with tactics the mob might employ.

We need to unseat him while the option still exists.

[if it still does.]

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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