Did Senator Harry Reid Father Cher’s Child?

The Grand Inquisitor

Now bear in mind that might only be a rumor…
and I have no intention whatsoever of revealing a source, but it is a serious allegation if true, and I believe the Senate majority leader should immediately disprove it.

Other Unverified Rumors He Should Address
Based on the Senate Majority Leader’s own standards I have no burden of proof to substantiate any allegations I toss into the public domain.

Though I again refuse to name a source for any of these, I truly believe the public deserves to know the truth about all the following:

– Harry Reid has an annual hunting vacation at which he clubs baby seals with the lifeless bodies of bald eagles.

– Harry Reid donates in excess of 60% of his annual salary to the KKK.

– Harry Reid starts his day with a snort of coccaine before washing it down with rum.

– Harry Reid spent the entire Obama term as Senate Majority Leader but hasn’t passed a single budget.

Oh wait. Forget the last one isn’t rumor, that’s in the Congressional Record.

We have an important election ahead of us
…and an established record of nothing getting done in the Senate behind us. Perhaps the esteemed gentleman from Nevada could find something more important to do with his time than throw out allegations that’d make the National Enquirer staff blush.

C’mon Senator, the nation deserves better.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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