Election Debate 2012: Obama vs Obama

Welcome to the greatest debate of the year
No… not the one between Romney and Obama… the one between Obama and himself.

Check out the video, and watch candidate Obama make one promise, then watch president Obama say another. Pick any topic;

  • Government Transparency
  • tax fairness
  • not raising taxes on the middle class
  • Energy
  • health care
  • lobbyists in his administration

…the guy says one thing, does another.

Welcome to the greatest debate of the century: Obama vs Obama….

Remember the promise:
“the most transparent administration in history”?

His administration received an award for transparency. Didn’t appear on his agenda, and was closed to the media.

His administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all presidents of 4 decades combined, and the open view of the process we were promised never materialized.

No Lobbyists Allowed in the White House!
We just can’t have them in the White House. Wouldn’t be right… SO he took to having administration officials meet with lobbyists across the street from the White House.

Wow, thank you Mr. President… that just fixes everything.

We Will Show it all on C-Span
Recall candidate Obama promising over and over how the health care deliberations were going to be shown on C-Span? They were closed to C-span, despite requests to cover them, and the White House didn’t want to talk about that promise.

What we DID get to see was Nancy Pelosi make an absurd statement about passing the bill so we could see what was in it. [Nancy… Really?]

No new taxes on anyone under $250k?
Yeah… that one showed up a lot in his campaign. And he assured us the health care act wouldn’t involve any new taxes. PERIOD. Not one dime.

Then when it went to the Supreme Court, and his lawyers argued it was constitutional because it was a TAX.

By the way, the beauty of his plan was that everyone would play by the same rules on health care. Aside from the fact it didn’t affect him or anyone that voted for it, he also gave a ton of exemptions, with over half going to his union backers.

Candidate Obama wanted corps to pay “their fair share”
Then proceeded to exempt favored corporations from paying any taxes whatsoever… despite record profits. What happened to “everyone playing by the same rules”? In fact, Jeffery Immel of GE was appointed head the President’s jobs council {the one the president doesn’t have time to meet with, despite having time for 100+ rounds of golf}.

GE hadn’t paid a dime in taxes that year, he was the poster child for what Obama supposedly opposed.

There are a LOT more examples
…but you need not take my word for it. Watch the video and let Obama say it in his own words.
He contradicts himself so much more eloquently.


Like you told us Mr. President… “Words matter”.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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