Deep Thoughts About Coffee

Went in to make coffee this morning. If you tend to save coffee cans to store things in, you may know part of the problem. Yeah, those nicely sealed lids do a good job of keeping other things besides coffee, but if someone moves the REAL coffee can from its normal spot you have to go through five or six cans before you find the one which actually contains coffee.

It’s a pain in the rear… especially since it is by definition done before having your coffee.

Finally found it. Will skip the obligatory “It’s always in the last place you look” statement. As comics have wisely pointed out, if you found something on the first or second attempt and kept on looking, you have much deeper issues than not being able to find whatever it is you’re searching for.

After locating the correct can, went thru the standard routine by muscle memory; tossed the filter already in the Mr Coffee, added a new filter, added just enough coffee that the resulting brew would be strong enough to wake the neighbors,  filled pot with water, began filling the coffeemaker.

As water poured onto the counter, it occurred to me something might be amiss. Beth had apparently loaded this thing last night.

Wiped up the water that was now under the toaster and headed for the microwave. Then went back to check the filter I’d thrown away. Yep, it was full of fresh coffee, now spilled loosely in the kitchen wastebasket over a banana peel and various dead paper towels.

No way to salvage that error, though the thought briefly crossed my mind. When I finally run out of this can I’ll be thinking of the pot that got away.

That’s it. If you were reading this expecting something deeper than this, I apologize for disappointing you. In my defense, I’m still waiting for my first cup of coffee.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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