Ed Schultz: Not at All Creepy and Mysogynistic

Watched Ed Schultz on MSDNC the other night. He’d lost his mind over the fact that Obama has blown his once solid lead with women. schultz was spitting at the camera while screaming Something like “Women… What are you thinking… Do you want these men managing your vagina!!?”

Always entertaining to see a creepy old guy telling women he respects them SO much that he will tell them how to vote, for the good of their vagina.

For starters, having watched the convention I’m almost positive there were not any “vagina management” planks in there, so perhaps dear uncle Ed just needs to lay off the sauce before he goes on camera to see MSNBC’s vast basketball-team-sized audience.

Anyway… I’m sure having Ed Schultz TELL women how to vote in the tone normally used by an abusive spouse is gonna be reeeeal convincing. Great idea guys. Once again, liberals prove they are incapable of recognizing irony if it bit them on the ass.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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