Electile Dysfunction

The voters have spoken*
Unfortunately what they said is that slightly more than half our country is dumber than a fence-post, and can be bought off with free stuff and empty rhetoric. Neat eh?

Don’t get me wrong, not all the free stuff is a bad idea
For example, I’m not entirely opposed to paying for birth control for women like Sandra Fluke and her ilk. I damn sure don’t want them to reproduce, and how much could a coupla hundred watt bulbs cost?

But bottom line, despite an economy in dire straits…
Over half of our country voted for someone with NO discernible skills aside from getting elected. Seriously, he’s handed BILLIONS to cronies, taken the economy from bad to worse, and yet our childlike electorate  re-elected him based on such inane motivations as “popularity” and “Obamaphones”.

I’ve seen student council campaigns with more substance. Seriously, grow up.

Just so we are all clear…
If any liberal complains about their economic woes after last night,  I will simply laugh at them. This is their baby, and they can live with the monster they’ve built. I didn’t vote for this buckethead, THEY did. Despite his record, they gave him a mulligan. It’s like having a flat tire and driving on it in hopes it will get better.

To paraphrase a woman that will no doubt soon be jetting off on another well needed vacation to some foreign beach, on our collective dime, to lounge in luxury while folks in the northeast still wait for power and light in the wake of a hurricane… For the first time I am ashamed of my country.

And as for the guys that either voted for a third party or sat this one out… if I were them today I’d paint a face on my ass and learn to walk backwards. Dang sure wouldn’t be bragging about it. Hope you guys enjoy Obama.  I did my part.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.




9 thoughts on “Electile Dysfunction

  1. As you can imagine, Rob, I’m not a happy camper, either. Watching the collective idiocy play out has been embarrassing, to say the least. Disgusting is more like it.
    I certainly didn’t see Romney as the ideal choice, but what we’ve done to ourselves as a nation is sad.

    Love the flat tire analogy… very apt!


    1. No quarrel here, doc. I’m just kinda in shock. Hard to believe the guy increases the deficit he swore he’d cut in half and we decide this is the guy we need more of. Our enemies have gotta be laughing their butts off at us about now. Hell, i dont blame them, if i didnt live here i’d laugh too.


  2. I think the problem was the candidate. Put bluntly, Romney was a terrible choice. Had Huntsman won the nomination I think he would have won easily and probably would have gotten my vote.


    1. Hey Robert – almost missed yours n Suz comments. Someday i’ll learn to control Askimet.

      Have heard several refer to another candidate theyd have preferred. I’d love to have more than 2 chioces. It creates a false dichotomy.

      As we discussed elsewhere, if you have 3 candidates the unfortunate part is That the two most closely aligned guarantee the third wins. We could use a 4 party system with people in each quadrant of the social scale and the fiscal scale represented… One in each quadrant. Gotta feeling we’d see a lot different types of candidates winning.


      1. Hard to argue against that point Rob, I’d hate to get slimed the way people do when they enter the public arena, and it’s hard to imagine the best and brightest wanting to get in there and mud-wrestle if they don’t have to.

        That said, given the economic situation, with Romney being a corporate turnaround guy, I’d really like to have seen him at least get a shot at trying. That’s academic at this point, we’ll never know. The public ignored issues of substance and bought into the demonization of the man.

        I’d love to attribute that to voter fraud, but numerous interviews of the average voter suggests it may just be that the majority pay more attention to where they plan to go for lunch than they do who will lead the nation. Too bad.

        On the bright side, I’ve always wanted to see Greece. Now we may get to do it without having to move.


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