Costas Proves Danger of Microphone Proliferation

Bob Costas decided half-time on Sunday Night Football would be a wonderful moment to treat his audience to his political views about gun control… so he voiced his opinion on a tragedy involving the murder-suicide committed by Jovan Belcher by letting all of America know that we need to outlaw handguns.

[Possibly because as anyone knows, outlawing marijuana has been so successful at making it totally unobtainable donchaknow.]

The response on twitter and Facebook suggests the rest of America is sure NBC has enough uber-liberal programming without using football time to indoctrinate the masses too {ie – Costas needs to sit there on his phone book and announce the game, not tell us which parts of the Bill of Rights he doesn’t like}.

Yeah. Who knew? Adults don’t like getting lectured by leprechauns.

In all seriousness, nobody gives a rats rear what Costas thinks of our right to bear arms, and I’m almost positive the guys guarding that booth he’s sitting in are not carrying stern looks and sharply worded memos in their holsters.

So Bob, here’s a hint: You are a hypocrite, and not a terribly bright one. But NO, we do not think they need to outlaw microphones just because YOU abused yours.


I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones, and I approve this message.





2 thoughts on “Costas Proves Danger of Microphone Proliferation

  1. So what’s the problem with embracing confrontation? Provided it’s the other guy that initiated the confrontation, I figure that’s his problem. If he’s met with determined and effective resistance, maybe he’ll learn not to repeat the offense. If he doesn’t learn, hey… that’s how the gene pool gets cleaned up.

    Maybe I was born a century too late, but I don’t think we should have to depend upon our government to:
    (a) decide if defending us might somehow repress someone,
    (b) decide if defending us or our property might be over-escalating a situation,
    (c) be able to respond in a timely fashion when they’re already over-extended and undermanned for the task at hand.

    Where I live, firearms are illegal. And if someone tries to force their will on me or my family, at 60 y/o, I can’t be sure I’ll have what it takes to whip their ass.
    I CAN be sure I can gently squeeze the 4-1/2 pound trigger on my Glock, though. Twice.


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