Open Letter to DC

Sent the following to the Honorable Senator Kaye Bailey Hutchison. I suggest others in DC would benefit from the same letter or one like it, as they appear to be poised to make a huge mistake.

Dear Senator,

Obviously in the wake of recent tragedy we are about to face attempts to restrict the availability of firearms and/or ammunition and possibly other restrictions on the ability of citizens to exercise rights guaranteed to us in the Bill of Rights. Said legislation will make anti-gun types feel better while in all likelihood doing nothing to cure the problem, and possibly even exacerbating it.

I believe the biggest fantasy ever foisted on the public was that installing a sign creates a “gun free zone”. As recent shootings prove, it does not. Passing that law made people feel good, but a false sense of security is useless. In fact gun free zones only enable those with intent to do harm to operate in a safer environment without fear of interferance. The presence of one or more individuals with a firearm to counter the threat would have saved lives.

All that said, please inform your colleagues in DC that I and thousands like me are watching, and anyone (I repeat… ANYONE… Regardless of party affiliation) who votes to encroach on our right to keep and bear arms in any way need know this will be a career defining act. It WILL be their last term. There are enough committed gun owners to ensure that outcome.

Our freedoms are not subject to abandonment to create useless feel-good legislation, and anyone that compromises that freedom will discover the meaning of “outta here” at the very next time they attempt to run for office. They will be over politically.

And lest anyone suggest we are selfishly putting our wants and desires ahead of the safety of children, tell them they need to learn from the past. The only thing that stops bad guys with guns is good guys with guns. And yes, I have defended other’s rights with a firearm before. The people who benefit most from gun control are the criminal element. For them it is workplace safety legislation. I am not in the least interested in keeping criminals safer.

Thank you for your time and service.


Rob Jones

8 thoughts on “Open Letter to DC

  1. By the way, I probably should apologize here for having addressed the beginning of my letter to Honorable Senator Kaye Bailey Hutchison to Kay Granger, who though a fine human being is neither a US Senator nor was she the recipient of the letter. My fingers get confused… until I get to the voting booth. Then they’re pretty accurate.


  2. Rights have limits. You can’t yell fire in crowded theater, and you can’t practice human sacrifice as part of your religion. The right to bear arms already has limits as you can’t own nukes. Holding anything above discussion is a bad idea and in many ways led to where we now are as a country. Even my gun owning friends generally aren’t against background checks for people buying guns.


  3. No human sacrifice? There go my plans for the weekend. And it took so long to find a virgin, too.

    Gun shops already have background checks. Most sales where I was seller I was trading with someone I’d known a decade or more. Doing a background check on someone I know better than the FBI does will solve zero problems. There should be some limits on checks too.


  4. While we’re talking about things that should not be above discussion… I’d say it is most assuredly time to discuss the fantasy known as “the gun free zone”. It was well intended, but in effect it has provided whack jobs a list of places where nobody will be capable of resistance.

    There’s a school district in TX that recognized that fact in 2008, and as their campus is 20 minutes from the police station if the police responded as the first shot was fired, they allowed teachers with carry permits to carry on campus.

    Contrary to the alarms folks have stated about that idea… in 4 years+ it has not had any bad repercussions.


    1. I agree, gun free zones are silly. My point is, like it or not, there have to be some limits on the right to bear arms and it should be open to discussion.

      While there’s nothing wrong with someone owning a gun for self defense or to go hunting, no one wants some lunatic running around with an assault rifle loaded with a 100 round drum. There has to be some middle ground.


  5. Personally I don’t own what you’d call “tactical” arms, so I don’t technically have a dog in the fight as far as my own weapons… tho I truly fear the ignorance in DC when it comes to the law of unintended consequences. Last law Ted Kennedy drafted on guns (it never passed) would have hit a ton of standard guns that didn’t have any business being touched.

    I kind of wrankle at the ones in DC that say this weapon or that is not needed for hunting, as hunting isnt the implied purpose as stated in the preamble of the 2nd. The standard that the supreme court used to confirm a jail term for a man in the 30’s was that a sawed off shotgun did NOT have any potential military use… therefore didn’t meet the standard set forth in the preamble. Now we’re getting arguments that anything that could have military use is an issue? LOL. DC is a weird place eh.

    Anyway… personally, if they restricted 100 round drums it’d not give me a ton of issue if only cause they almost uniformly aftermarket crap that jams up. Worth considering a guy can do a lot more damage with 10 round mags that work than a hundred round mag that malfunctions.

    My guess is the malfunction issues at mass shootings are because the shooters are almost always gun rookies, not NRA types. They may dress the part, but they never have a clue what they are doing. [Fortunately for all.] Never had much use for Rambo wannabes. They do not represent responsible owners.


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