Do as I say, not what I’m paid millions to glorify

This is a little bedtime tale brought to you by non-violent people in Hollywood like Sean Penn and Josh Brolin, devoted liberals who no doubt can’t imagine how kids decide to take matters into their own hands and shoot people they believe have wronged them and gotten away with it.

[Pick a school shooting. How many involve kids taking revenge?]

[Hey, I know… let’s blame the NRA! They glorify a culture of violence!]

Gangster Squad is a story of cops who decide a gangster cannot be stopped by legal means. So they form a surreptitious group to “go to war”, ignoring their oath to uphold the law.

Let the killings commence.

— [Man laying on ground] You can’t shoot me, you’re a cop.”
— [The Hero] “Not anymore.” {BOOM}

— “To save the law… break it.”

— “No badges… No mercy.”

I’m guessing their irony meter’s busted
Trailer includes hundreds of gunshots, multiple explosions and vigilante killings. By the GOOD guys. To accomplish good of course. But outside the law.

No doubt kids will recognize this as fiction, and focus instead on messages of love and peace from Josh Brolin and Sean Penn, as that’s how life really works. Right?

I love people who sanctimoniously point fingers at others about behavior they glorify.  Especially when they make millions making it look heroic.

Note to Hollywood left
I’m not saying you don’t have “freedom of speech”. I’m just saying that when you are paid handsomely to send a message to kids, then you pretend someone else is responsible when kids emulate the characters you portray as “heroes”… the rest of us not only aren’t impressed, we think you’re morons.

[And that last word wasn’t my first choice, but my mom can see this. Use your imagination.]

I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones, and I approve this message.

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