Stevie Wonder Teaching LAPD Target ID & Marksmanship

In the wake of the murder of three cops by another cop…
The LAPD is closely watching the neighborhood around proposed targets he openly named in his manifesto.

The killer, Christoper Jordan Dorner…
…is a HUGE black guy, is reportedly driving a dark colored Nissan pickup. So naturally when TWO white women drove into the subdivision in a bright blue Dodge pickup to deliver newspapers… seven LAPD cops opened fire. They placed roughly 40 shots in the wrong truck.

[One woman was wounded in the hand, the other in the back.]

Not to be outdone; Torrence Cops shot up ANOTHER truck
The neighboring Torrence police got a “shots fired” call, and rushed to the subdivision and shot up ANOTHER pickup, also the wrong make and model, also NOT containing Chris Dornier.

Yeah, it has been a proud day for law enforcement
One cop is shooting other cops, so in retaliation other cops are shooting up innocent civilians. Seems fair.

In their defense, most of these cops were probably raised in a school system that gave awards for mere participation, and they DID shoot a pickup. Let’s give them all medals for trying so hard.

Seriously, how many boxtops does it take to get a freakin’ badge in LA these days?


safer when only cops have guns 1


Let’s look at a few minor points:

Did EITHER truck fire on the police? No. Should not our local police have rules of engagement at least as strict as those observed by our troops in Afghanistan?

You are looking for ONE LARGE BLACK MAN,  so you take aim at TWO WHITE WOMEN? In a vehicle that is the wrong make/model/color? Does anything about that sound right? You might want to have a little more idea what you’re aiming at before turning a street into a shooting gallery.

If you can fire 40 shots at ANYTHING… much less human sized targets, and MISS, turn in your gun, Doris. Or at least have the presence of mind to save the last bullet for yourself.

— Madman Shoots 1 – NYPD Shoots 9 —
This episode is eerily reminiscent of the headline from New York, where a nutjob shot his co-worker, then was confronted by two highly skilled NYPD officers who proceeded to shoot just about everyone standing  anywhere nearby.

I plan to point to this post the next time someone tells me ONLY the cops should have guns because they are SO highly trained. Seriously, who the hell is training them? Stevie Wonder?

If you’re going to hire scared children and hand them guns and badges… follow Sheriff Taylor’s advice and just make Barney keep the one bullet in his pocket. When you prove to be as cautious as ordinary citizens with a carry permit, we might reconsider, but ordinary citizens with carry permits aren’t shooting up neighborhoods while trying to kill the wrong person.

"I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message."
“I’m Rob Jones, and I approve this message.”

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