The State of the Union: It’s Getting Dicey

Just read the following statement from a friend, a Marine:

I have been watching this government. I can’t help but think that the people I was trained to fight and shoot during the Cold War, are running the country now.

Oddly… I’d just posted the following on a forum…
Posted in response to someone that worships the ground Obama walks on no matter what:

The public isn’t comatose… most of them just don’t want to see what’s going on, or like you, approve of it because they think Obama will be a benevolent dictator who will rule firmly but justly and rid the land of pesky people who believe in outmoded ideas like personal liberty. Even your sig… “All’s well that ends well”… parrots a Marxist doctrine, ie – The end justifies the means.

[And yes, I know your quote came from Shakespeare, but you don’t quite strike me as a literary buff.]

Police functions are being militarized…

– martial law drills with cops and soldiers are taking place in large cities,
– the government has purchased more than enough ammo to fight the Iraq and Afghanistan wars on US soil,
– the military brass is going thru a purge,
– civilian departments are buying military hardware,
– multiple edicts and laws infringe on the bill of rights,
– the president’s former campaign arm is selling access to the highest bidder,
– we have money to GIVE the Muslim Brotherhood a squadron of F-16s and 200 tanks but not to assist our service members with promised tuition assistance…

But hey, Dancing with the Stars is on in a little bit, so let’s talk about that instead.

Much of America is NOT snoozing. If Obama loses the Senate on the next round he’ll very possibly be impeached, and if he’s lucky he, Holder, Napolitano and company won’t go to a penitentiary.

OTOH if he wins the house, I wouldn’t be shocked if the shooting war he’s clearly arming for follows his subsequent over-reaching attempt to disarm the populace. He isn’t just another Democrat some on the right find distasteful, he’s a dangerous megalomaniac.

I realize some think I’m “watching too much Fox News”
For the record, I haven’t turned ON Fox in weeks cause I’m growing very weary of seeing unconscionable things happen, and people just take it in stride. When I was younger I recall powerful Speaker of the House Jim Wright being ridden out of DC on a rail for a book deal that looked like a bribe… but our president is openly peddling “access” at a half million a pop. Nothing happens.

I recall Nixon leaving office under a bipartisan threat of impeachment as a result of a third rate burglary and the subsequent coverup… but we’ve witnessed Benghazi and Fast and Furious… and nothing happens.

People died at Benghazi, and the president gave BS excuses about his involvement or lack thereof. People are STILL getting killed with the weapons our government peddled to drug lords, and nothing happens.

Are there no consequences? If not, why?

Contrary to popular belief, I am not making a big deal out of nothing… I’m looking at “big picture” and too much of our country is only viewing things one at a time and accepting the flimsiest of explanations.

Look at the government purchases of ammo… enough to shoot every person in the country roughly 5 times… HOLLOW POINT ammo. They claim it’s for target practice? Seriously? If you know ANYTHING about weapons, you know you do not target practice with hollow point.

Wake up guys.  It isn’t “paranoia” when it’s really happening.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

2 thoughts on “The State of the Union: It’s Getting Dicey

  1. There was a time when I would have felt sorry for you guys.
    But then I realized…
    If 21st century USA is the equivalent of 1930s Germany, then that makes us Poland!!!


  2. Yeah… that can’t be good.

    I was heartened to see the op/ed in FORBES this week that raises similar issues to this post. As you know, most of this material has been touched on in conservative blogs for a while… but I’m not gonna complain that the larger outlets are late to the party, it’s nice to see it getting broader play.

    The goofy part is that people act like it isnt true if it isnt mentioned on CNN or MSNBC. Hell… you can look most of this up on the government’s GSA purchasing website, how is it not credible?

    Here’a the Forbes link:


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