LAPD: Californian for “Trigger-happy idiots”

Normally I don’t suggest lawsuits
but in THIS case I hope the woman sues the pants off the LAPD.

In the case where seven LAPD officers were lying in ambush to catch (?) the ex-officer that was murdering cops… and they subsequently opened fire without warning on a pickup (wrong make and color) carrying two females, they are offering to replace the truck (whoopty fuckin do), but they have a few strings attached.

Bad time to get cheap fellas. You’re lucky you were not jailed on criminal charges. California is so intent to criminalize private gun owners, but they let cops use firearms like it’s a  World of Warcraft video game instead of a neighborhood where children are asleep?

See: No New Truck for Women Shot During Dorner Manhunt

dorner mistaken identity massacre

We have stricter Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan
Not only was this a textbook example of such non-existent fire discipline they should be charged with “attempted murder”… how in the hell can they be in law enforcement and fire over 100 shots and score TWO hits. In a residential neighborhood?

Shakiest Guns in the West
There were only seven cops present. If over 100 shots hit the truck (and who knows how many missed) that’s roughly 15 shots per man. If carrying a typical service weapon, a Beretta 92, with a high cap 15 round mag… to get over 100 shots in the truck… it’d mean every one of them EMPTIED the magazine

  • on a vehicle of the wrong make,
  • wrong color,
  • carrying the wrong number of passengers,
  • of the wrong race,
  • and the wrong sex…

In a highly populated area, without warning.  Major WTF? If that’s acceptable, we could train chimps to be police .

NONE of the officers were dismissed, or faces criminal prosecution.

Every officer that fired a round should be dismissed without pension
… then jailed pending criminal prosecution. In this case the only thing the public had going for ’em is that these stupid SOBs are such incredibly lousy shots they couldn’t hit their own foot if it was nailed to the floor.

They cannot legitimately pass this off as “mistaken identity
This was just a bunch of scared idiots that made no attempt to verify who they were shooting and no attempt to seek a peaceful resolution. They were not fired upon, they just sent a maelstrom of lead at the first thing that looked suspicious. There is NO excuse for this trigger happy band. They damned sure do not need to be running loose with guns and badges.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

14 thoughts on “LAPD: Californian for “Trigger-happy idiots”

  1. It seems LAPD is always regrouping behind the Blue Line. If they do anything at all, I suspect they’ll just make a scapegoat out of the poor bastard that happened to be the senior officer present, or the first to respond… maybe the moron that fired the first shot. Personally, I think they’ll find a way to sweep it all under the rug.

    And given their demonstrated lack of marksmanship, if 100 hit the truck, and only two hit the intended targets, one could understandably think that at least a few hundred rounds missed the truck entirely and went scurrying around the neighborhood.

    Having been a cop in an earlier life, I can totally understand the emotion involved in hunting down a cop killer. And I’ve seen one errant discharge touch off a reactive volley, as well. Those are excuses, however, and have no place in a supposedly professional force. Sorry, folks… that dog don’t hunt!

    In their zeal to kill two innocent white women in a large blue p/u for the heinous crime of closely resembling one black man in a small black p/u, they endangered dozens of innocents, wounded two other innocents and added another black mark to LAPD’s not-so-lustrous Protect and Serve Portfolio.

    What’s amazing is that none of them managed to hit themselves or each other.


  2. Yeah, kinda reminds me of the WW2 firefight where the Army took Kiska, and kept the casualty count under 200. Woulda been even more impressive had the island not been deserted by the Japanese a few days prior.

    If you’re close to correct about the number of shots, you realize that’d mean several actually had to reload. Wrongs targets, that many shots, and two non-fatal hits. Like I said before, you’d think they learned marksmanship from Stevie Wonder.

    The fact that I know 10 yr old girls that could outshoot them still pales in light of the fact I know 10 yr old girls with better fire discipline to begin with. They didn’t just have one nervous fella shooting at shadows, they had a freakin squad unload on them.


  3. *I’m* a better shot than they were. Easily.

    We have a grey Titan with a ski rack and live 300 miles north…but the reach of the law is long, so hubby walked into the local cop shop and told them that we drove the same make and model as we weren’t able to immediately park it. It’s not the local LEO’s we were worried about but the CHP’s that sometimes cruise through. Ay yi yi.


    1. If you’d ventured into LA proper you’d have been taking your life in your hands. Apparently you just had to have a pickup to be suspect. They fired on two or three over a day or so.


  4. I think each of the officers involved should have to undergo a training exercise…Several of these morons get to line up against a backdrop and have several other morons shoot at them. Considering their shooting prowess, there is virtually no danger of anyone being hurt. But maybe they might begin to get an understanding of what it must be like to be a resident of LA right about now! Meanwhile…all the little sheep will just go quietly along and say, “Well, they didn’t mean it….”


    1. Dianne, I agree wholeheartedly with the training excercise, I also think they need to be tested for color blindness and to have their eyesight checked to see if perhaps corrective lenses are not in order……..


  5. I guess you think that LAPD are supposed to be trained professionals or something, right? Not here in CA. The cops we get here are too dumb to get into the military and barely a step above your minimum wage rent-a-cop. And you expect them to get reprimanded for this behavior? HA! Not here, nope, they got hi-fives from all the boys in blue and told to spend a little more time on the shooting range…..dead wrong suspects are easier to lie about and plant evidence on than live ones. But I’m sure if there were ever any serious problems (say rioting) the cops would have to call in for backup to disarm the civilians trying to protect their businesses from the other gangs, incompetence on every level of law enforcement, that’s the California way.


    1. Silly me. Been listening to the guys that tell us we dont need firearms cause all those highly trained cops will protect us. If the LAPD crew in question got attacked by someone armed with more than newspapers they better save the last bullet for themselves.


  6. First let me say congrats to these two women for not caving to the stupidity of the officers. I hope they sue the backsides off the city of LA but then LA is broke. As far as the cops – well they need to be behind bars and have their backsides fired. No questions. Their actions speak loudly. This is one good example of why I have a right to have a firearm. If I have to depend on someone like these idiots to protect me I am one sitting duck. Seems these guys need to spend a little less time at the doughnut shop and a little more time at the range.


  7. Holy shit balls! This is more information of course, than came out at first. I remember the first article showing that 41(ish) rounds hit the truck, and 3 struck the 2 women. Now with the knowledge that 102 rounds were fired, we have some new statistics…….

    1) Less than 40% of the rounds fired, actually struck the vehicle which for the record is about 73 inches tall (6’1″) and roughly a bit shorter on width….can anyone say “broadside of a barn”?

    2) If only 3 rounds fired actually struck the 2 women, then thier accuracy rate is the absolute pits at somewhere near 2.8%.

    Maybe they should strive to be as good as NYPD……….


  8. Hey Mike… your post brings up a point. If 7 cops expended over a hundred rounds to score TWO non-fatal hits… why is it so many liberals are telling US if we need more than 7 rounds total for self defense we’re just trigger happy fools? I know most of us here ARE better marksmen than the LAPD, but is it safe to assume everyone’s that much better?


    1. I couldn’t safely say that ALL of us are more accurate, but holy blind man Batman!! We’re talking 102 rounds scoring 2 non fatal hits at a distance of probably not more than 25 yards IT THAT!!

      I could put on a blindfold, spin around three times and throw rocks to get a better hit ratio!!

      Sadly, this just means that the people who should have the least concern about getting shot
      in LA, are the ones getting shot at by LAPD…


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