Islamic Terrorist Saves Kitten from Tree

Kitten rescued by Mohammed Abdulla. Rescue took 3 hrs, as every time the rescuer screamed “Allahu Akhbar!” the kitty jumped.

This weekend MSNBC brain-trust member Melissa Harris-Perry noted that the religion of the boston marathon bombers was totally irrelevant, and we have no reason to believe it was a factor. [See Article]

I’m sure she meant we had no reason to believe aside from the evidence the FBI has already mentioned that indicate the guys had become radicalized Islamists, including a warning from the security apparatus in Russia to keep an eye on them. Probably an oversight.

It’s time to go one step farther than Melissa Harris-Perry and boldly point out that the entire kneejerk reaction Americans have when Islamic terrorists blow stuff up is a product of our apparent media blackout on the GOOD things done by Islamic terrorists.

Think about it. Every week newspapers around the globe are saturated with headlines like:

  • Islamic Terrorist Flies Plane into Building
  • Islamic Terrorist Ignites Suicide Vest in Pizza Hut During Child’s Celebration
  • Islamic Terrorist Screams Allahu Akhbar While Shooting Unarmed Soldiers

I mean, sure, those things may happen, but does that mean we should under-report it when they’re nice? Does ANYONE report that? Face it, you’ve never seen headlines like:

  • Islamic Terrorist Screams Allahu Akhbar While Saving Kitten
  • Islamic Terrorist Donates Millions to Orphanage
  • Islamic Terrorist Volunteers Weekends at Soup Kitchen

Yes… the fault of the Boston bombing lies, if you haven’t already guessed, with Americans. We drove away these two fine young men by constantly saying bad things about Islamic terrorists, because as anyone knows, we are all bigoted scum. Honestly, I feel a need for a bath when I look at myself in the mirror these days, cause not only am I nearly white, I’m an American, and have never apologized for it.

So please. Find it in your hearts to go out today and hug someone who is swarthier than yourself and may have mentioned a desire to blow up something in the name of Holy Allah. We have got to learn to inclusively embrace these people… if not for their good… then for ours, since we are such chickenshits we are apparently collectively afraid to call them what they really are.

"I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message."
“I’m Rob Jones, and I approve this message.”

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