ALERT! OMG… a Gay Basketball Player

Watching NBC’s “Meet the Press”. Per David Gregory, “the big announcement of the week” involved a basketball player announcing he is gay. How bold. How brave.

Huh? Did anything else happen this week?


  • — Syria stepped over the red line our president warned them NOT to cross. Obama promptly crossed back to the other side.
  • — We have additional people under arrest in the Boston bombing case.
  • — The president who used executive privilege to cover up when his administration got caught supplying guns to Mexican criminals just told Mexico he will disarm Americans because our guns keep being supplied to Mexican criminals.
  • — DC continues to try to strip away *multiple* rights protected by the bill of rights.
  • — The ill-fated “we must pass it so we’ll find out what’s in it” fiasco known as Obamacare was declared a “train wreck” by one of its own authors.

But “the big announcement” is that an NBA player whose career was waning let us know he’d rather see his team mates in the shower than the cheerleaders? Who the heck gives a rats rear?

So I just switched to CBS “Face the Nation”. What are they discussing? Gay basketball player. And then over to ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopolous. Gay basketball player.

Oh look America… a SQUIRREL! Let’s pay attention to that!

Just don’t expect actual news from “the news media”. They aren’t in that business anymore.

I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones, and I approve this message.

5 thoughts on “ALERT! OMG… a Gay Basketball Player

  1. Once again… ALL THREE mainstream news stations encourage us to pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain. Gotta love their consistency when it comes to covering for The Boy King.


  2. I wonder some days if the mainstream media gets a paycheck from this administration if they do not reporting the actual news and keeping the spotlight off Obama. To add to your list this week Rob: (1) Third person arrested in Boston Bombing was a Russian student on visa. Yep, he entered the country on an expired student visa and wasn’t in school. DHS issued a memo to staff asking that they make sure they are checking all those visa’s a little more carefully. WOW. (2) Let’s also not forget about Benghazi and the fact that the witnesses who are willing to testify have been threatened by this administration. Wait…..what a silly girl I am – what difference does it make. What could be more news worthy than me knowing what preference some basketball player has when it comes to his sexual partner. Yep, that definitely trumps all the other minor stuff in the world. UGH


  3. No argument from me. Clearly a gay basketball player is not only more worthy of interest from the media than those other *minor* matters, but also more worthy of the president’s attention. Amazing days we live in.


  4. It angers me no end that the media has moved from being that vaunted “fourth estate” that is supposed to ride herd on the crowd in Washington. There was a time when they actually played sheep dog and shined a light on the antics of the ne’er do wells in the lone native criminal class we have in America, as Twain put it. Now they’ve moved to playing cheerleader for the left and have even gone to the point of helping the rascals delude us. It’s like the dog you counted on to guard you from burglars has not only let a crew of burglars in, the guard dog is holding the loot bag for them as they steal you blind.

    Of course, if such a large percentage of the voting public didn’t have their brain housing unit up their anal orifice, they couldn’t get away with the nonsense. But I suppose this is to be expected from people who sit around watching Honey Boo Boo.

    And remember, Fox news is biased toward Republicans and tells lies. Gawd.


  5. From “Fourth estate” to “Fifth column”.

    And no, the voters aren’t going to hold their feet to the fire for it. We are raising a crop of people that don’t discern a difference between entertainment and news. In fact, two of the shows that college students increasingly say they get “news” from are on a network named “Comedy Central”.

    Moreover… About half of what people “know” about the VP candidate from the 2008 GOP ticket came from skits on Saturday Night Live.

    As long as our populous is too damned stupid to tell news from entertainment, I dont anticipate any noticeable effort to impart news. As long as there’s no effort to impart news, i dont anticipate the populous will graduate beyond “damned stupid”. It’s a bit circular.


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