The Umbrella: Obama vs Teddy Roosevelt

In 1912…
Teddy Roosevelt was about to deliver a speech when a would-be assassin shot him point blank in the chest with a .38 caliber pistol.

but Barack Obama is a Candyass cockwaffle
Teddy Roosevelt spoke for roughly an hour and a half after being shot in the chest

Waiving off his physicians, Roosevelt went on and delivered his speech, with bullet lodged in his chest, and blood seeping into his shirt. He spoke for well over an hour.

THEN he accepted medical attention.

Barack Obama is a candyass cockwaffle
President Barack Obama, mindless of peril, bravely exposes his skin to excess moisture.
Meanwhile, in the world of unicorns and fairy dust…
Today Barack Obama was delivering a speech in the Rose Garden and it began to rain. Bravely exposing himself to the danger that moisture might damage his hair-do, the president ordered an active duty United States Marine to stand in the rain holding an umbrella over him as he spoke.

No. Doesn’t leave me speechless, but I occasionally avoid profanity. Assume I used the word “candy-ass”.

How many Marines were holding umbrellas on the president’s orders in the Rose Garden today?

ANSWER: Two more than he had protecting a US Ambassador in a war zone on 9/11/2012.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

12 thoughts on “The Umbrella: Obama vs Teddy Roosevelt

      1. Hi Andy Shane – thanks for stumbling in to play the race card where nobody has said anything remotely racial.

        This highlights the primary weakness of the president’s kneejerk apologists… the inability to argue any issue without filtering it thru the prism of their own stunted racial stereotypes.

        Now, having demonstrated your extremely limited abilities to exercise critical thinking skills… I suggest you toddle off and finish your fucking happy meal while the adults talk. There’s no reason to bring your racism to my blog.

        Thanks :)


      2. Not sure where that came from. I wasn’t implying anything other than St Ronnie occasionally let someone hold an umbrella for him too.


  1. The discipline we Marines are proud of was definitely on display there. That Marine even had a great poker face. The average man on the street sees no emotion on his face. Having been an active duty Marine, I could read the loathing coming off him in waves. This young warrior and my beloved Corps was dissed, plain and simple. The president should be ashamed, but he won’t be. He has none.


  2. Can someone please tell me what/from where the Red flag, next to the ‘Red, White and Blue’ is? Forgive my ignorance…


    1. Pat – The incident occurred during a joint press appearance in the WH Rose Garden with the Turkish Prime Minister, so that’s the flag of Turkey next to ours. In a wider frame of the photo the Turkish PM is standing at a podium to the president’s right.


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