Annoyed about what we’ve said about Obama?

It seems that in the light of current events my posts are increasingly cataloging various failures of the executive branch… including but not limited to

  • the IRS scandal in which conservatives were singled out for ill-treatment
  • the DOJ targeting of AP reporters
  • the Fast and Furious operation
  • the Benghazi fiasco ( includes many bungles and coverups)
  • punishment of whistleblowers
  • attacks on the 2nd amendment
  • proof of voter fraud on behalf of the president
  • massive weapons purchases for the executive branch departments
  • various attempts to deceive and mislead the public

…and a multitude of other issues that suggest the executive branch has been using their power for political purposes, is way the hell out of control… and needs to be reined in, and many of the perpetrators impeached, removed, or incarcerated as the law allows.

barack obama is a cockwaffle
Lord of the Cockwaffles

It has come to my attention
…that many who unadvisedly bought into the whole “Hope and Change”, “Yes We CAN!”, “most transparent administration in history” stuff may be experiencing a bit of cognitive dissonance as the scandals unfold and prove definitively that this is actually one of the most corrupt and abusive administrations in history.

I actually had one egregious horses ass show up here and refer to those who criticized The Boy King as “White Supremacists”. Though the problem is actually that you bought a pig in a poke instead of inspecting the candidate up front, many of the true believers have taken to ascribing “racism” as the motive for any criticism of this president or the crooks he has gathered around him.

To those who are offended
…by all posts that point out facts instead of reinforcing your ill-conceived fantasies…

We simply ask that you:

  1. Let us know how offended you are
  2. Take a number and wait

We will get back to you shortly. ~ Thanks :-)


I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

9 thoughts on “Annoyed about what we’ve said about Obama?

  1. I guess those of us that felt that Clinton’s Oval Office Antics were a poor use of his time on the clock or that Nixon WAS a crook… are racist white-hating bastards, then.

    I think I’ll let the guy in line behind me have this number…. no need for me to wait. ;)


  2. What scares me the most, is the number of people who STILL believe in this administration. Who do these people function well enough to still be alive? I truly believe we have to get rid of ALL warning labels, (Do not use hair drier in shower.) and thin the herd.


  3. Keith, the answer might be even simpler. Pretty sure in the majority of cases you could simply move their dinner plate 6″ to one side and they’d just starve to death.


  4. What makes me think that we are doomed is not so much Obama’s agenda as all the people who actually agree with him. I’m not talking about the deceived sheeple, those who fell for the hopey changey nonsense. I’m talking about the people who know he’s lying, know he’s cheating, and are OK with it. They believe in the Socialist cause so much that they believe the end justifies the means. They knew exactly what Obama meant by “fundamentally changing America”, and they will do anything, no matter how despicable to make sure that happens.
    How do we defend against that?


  5. The founders made it crystal clear in the Federalist papers (the doc they circulated to sell the country on approving the constitution) that a primary reason the bill of rights explicitly guaranteed our right to bear arms was to make sure the government was not tempted to tyranny.

    A lot of folks act like that’s a radical thing to say, but I’m not the one saying it. They can take it up with James Madison and company if they want… but that IS why they made darned sure the people didn’t lose the right to arms.

    It didn’t used to be “radical” to know why the documents that enable our government were written as they are. John Kennedy noted the same underlying principle when he said :

    Although it is extremely unlikely that the fears of governmental tyranny which gave rise to the Second Amendment will ever be a major danger to our nation, the Amendment still remains an important declaration of our basic civilian-military relationships, in which every citizen must be ready to participate in the defense of his country.
    ~ John F Kennedy 1960


  6. Middleagedhousewife nailed it. Sure, there are a number of He Who Would Be King’s supporters who are effectively brain dead and get their news from Comedy Central. These people slept through history and government class and couldn’t tell you the difference between a Keynesian economist and one from the Austrian school if their life depended on it.

    There are an equal or greater number who are VERY well aware what is going on and they think it’s just peachy keen. All us dinosaur bitter clingers with our guns and our Bibles and our insistence on honoring that dusty old Constitution are just clogging up “progress.”


  7. Well, as alluded to above… that second group, the one that considers the constitution a stumbling block and the bill of rights ‘an antiquated document’… they’re the ones the 2nd amendment was designed to protect us from.

    That is why their greatest hope is to dismember the 2nd amendment bit by bit. They know full well they do not have the votes to repeal it by constitutional means, and that attempting to do so would be political suicide.So they hope to get around that by reinterpreting it (all for the safety of the children, dontchaknow).

    It’s also the reason guys like you and I have no intention of letting them quietly do so. If people quietly do nothing, fundamental rights that have been in place over 200 years WILL be stripped away.


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