Eric Holder Signed Spurious Search Warrant… Obama Assigns Eric Holder to Look Into It

Seriously now…NBC News (that bastion of rightwing propaganda?) announced they’d been informed by law enforcement that the search warrant that named Fox  reporter James Rosen as a “possible co-conspirator” for violations of the Espionage Act was signed by Attorney General Eric Holder. That warrant authorized them to seize his private emails.

Eric Holder signed warrant  naming James Rosen in esponage probe.
Eric Holder looks into wrongdoing by Eric Holder. Launches greatest manhunt since OJ began searching for the real killer.

Gosh Mr Holder… that might have been a pertinent detail to mention when this scandal broke.

The disclosure of this spurious claim against a high profile reporter, which included labeling him a flight risk, has been cited among a string of other scandals (most recently… the AP reporters records seizure and the IRS scandal where conservative groups were targeted by a special unit) as disclosing a pattern of intimidation tactics by the executive branch that has caused a “chilling effect” among journalists and political opponents.

But fear not, our president has tasked someone to investigate to make sure there was no wrongdoing. In keeping with the sterling managerial judgment that has gotten this administration into multiple such scandals… the man Obama has assigned to look into it is (drumroll please)… ERIC HOLDER.

I can only begin to imagine how much better college would’ve been if my professors had the good sense to assign me the task of grading all my own essays.

UPDATE: It was just pointed out to me that during last week’s I-don’t-know-fest during which Holder literally gave some form of I don’t know answer over SIXTY times… he made actually gave a definitive answer. He told Congress the following (under oath and on camera):

In regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material. This is not something I’ve ever been involved in, heard of, or would think would be wise policy.
This guy is toast.
I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

8 thoughts on “Eric Holder Signed Spurious Search Warrant… Obama Assigns Eric Holder to Look Into It

  1. What nonsense. So Holder gets to investigate his own criminal activities and Obama keeps Holder to investigate Obamas criminal activities.Tit for Tat WOW now there is some serious investigation and consequences being taken here folks. Hmmm….sound like the inmates have taken over the prison if you ask me.


  2. Heck, at this point even the Huffington Post is calling for Holder to step down… but personally I think simple removal is a bit lax considering using the color of law to commit criminal acts is not “a mistake”… it’s a “felony”.

    I don’t suppose the DOJ would go for my proposed solution… but putting Holder’s head on a pike beside the entrance to the Justice Dept as a warning to future crooks of the bureaucratic stripe might be a more fitting resolution.


  3. No Rob – although very creative I am not sure that they will go for either of those ideas. Seriously when you let the Fox guard the hen house what is this country to expect. Why is it the general population does not find this unlawful and scream from the rooftops. Is being a political criminal the new norm in America? and is the American citizen okay with that?


    1. That’s what I want to know! Why aren’t more Americans upset about this? Have we become so desensitized to corruption that we just shrug and move on?


  4. In answer to your question, yes, MOST of the American public is either:

    -1- so out of touch as to be unaware or
    -2- so accustomed to misbehavior in high places they’ve grown to expect it.

    Politicians then benefit from the fact that people are not watching or have low expectations where integrity is concerned.

    There’s a THIRD category that lets misbehavior slide: Those that approve of tyranny as long as they perceive the ruling party to be “on their side”. For the record, that was the position of the press… right up to the day they found out the AP phone records for over 100 reporters were improperly seized.

    Once their ox got gored, they noticed the bull with the long horns might be dangerous to THEM too. Up to that point, they literally cheered for the administration’s misbehavior.


  5. And of course Conservative Christian gun owners who base their political ideology on the Constitution, that document that’s supposed to be the “Law of the Land”, are dangerous to the very existence of the Republic and must be watched and investigated.

    It’s as if we’ve waken up in Bizzaro World.


  6. Exactly. If the DHS was actually watching the people the DHS was formed to watch instead of becoming a political hit squad Obama’s lackeys use to surveil and harass the right wing… the Boston bombing would never have happened and Nidal Hassan would have been banned from military bases long before he shot 13 unarmed soldiers.

    What we’re seeing is precisely what our baseball coach told us would happen when you take your eye off the ball. You miss what you’re supposed to hit.


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