Soldier Beheaded in Broad Daylight {but no, that isn’t “terrorism”}

woolwich beheadingUK Soldier Beheaded by Terrorists:
By now unless you live under a rock, and not just any, but a rock with neither TV nor wifi, you’re aware that yesterday two Muslim assholes in London ran their car into an off-duty Brit soldier. Then they hopped out of the vehicle and before all onlookers, beheaded the man in public with knives and cleavers. Then they dumped his corpse in the street.

Then They Gave an Interview
As if to make damned sure we all KNOW it is Islamic terrorism, not some loan shark taking out a recalcitrant borrower, the killers paraded around the street for 20 minutes encouraging people to take pics of them… culminating in an on the spot video of one waving his bloody hands and a cleaver while explaining their intent. Your government does this on OUR streets. We will not stop. You are not safe. Dump your government. Seemed kinda definitive.

Meanwhile Obama doggedly sticks to the DNC theme
There is no “war on terror”. There’s no such thing as “Islamic terrorism”. He did, after all, WIN the war on terror when he single-handedly killed Oasma bin Laden as helpless Navy SEALs stood by in awe of his virility.

So in keeping with the fantasy he’s promoted, he refused to call the beheading of a Brit solidier in broad daylight by men screaming Islamic propaganda “a terrorist attack”. Instead, he called it “senseless violence”. What a coincidence. The same term he used for Benghazi, which also wasn’t a terrorist attack, but the work of pissed off movie critics.

Not unlike the “workplace violence” we saw at Ft Hood where 13 members of the military were killed by a fella screaming “allahu akhbar”. If  YOU look closely you might see a pattern, but the president assures us there is none. He even reminded us that NO massive terror attacks have happened on US soil lately.

Now before you start nitpicking
C’mon, you know how it is. He doesn’t know about things like, oh… the bombs placed at the Boston Marathon by militant Islamic jihadists. He’d watch the news more often, but every time he does he learns there’s a major scandal involving some part of his executive branch, and frankly he’s beginning to suspect a causal relationship.

So I’m guessing he must’ve sold his TV at this point.

Anyway, YAY! We Win!
So take heart, folks. We won the war on terror by wisely declaring an end to words that describe the war on terror. Much as the PC world defeated mental retardation… by simply eliminating the phrase “mental retardation”.

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I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones, and I approve this message.

4 thoughts on “Soldier Beheaded in Broad Daylight {but no, that isn’t “terrorism”}

  1. Politically correct is not always morally correct and that is what has gotten this country into the sad shape it is in. Sorry folks but Islam is not a religion of peace and if we have become so desensitized that it is okay to stand by and watch a man get beheaded and record it on your phone well, there truly is no hope for society.


  2. We had a militant islamist drawing a Major’s pay in the US Army and he shot 13 unarmed soldiers while screaming praise to his prophet. He was caught in the act… in NOV 2009. He still hasn’t been tried, but his first judge was relieved for making him shave. Even though the guy has drawn $287,000 in pay since that time as a Maj in the US Army.

    There’s nothing he can say that would get him off the hook. He should have been tried and hung. Sent to join his pedophile prophet. But for some reason we must move in glacial time. Why? I dunno. Are we afraid to upset the nice people that hate us already and want us dead?

    The UK’s “tolerance” of radical islam is riduiculous. But then ours doesn’t seems to be far behind. I believe you and I have discussed before that political correctness and tolerance to the point of weakness is crazy. Unfortunately, it seems to be the order of the day. Sad.


  3. Charlton Heston once described political correctness as “polite tyranny”, or words to that effect. I believe if we had old Chuck back with us today he might just refine the parameters outlined in that quote. It’s reached the point where it’s not so much “polite” anymore and is inevitably going to cause our downfall as a nation.

    I’ve pointed out before that there are no great numbers of Muslims in my area, but the one’s we have in our midst are VERY well behaved, inasmuch as we don’t do the whole PC thing around here. Everybody and his cousin is packing heat, and if you look for trouble, you’re gonna find it.


  4. Y’all remind me to look for a plugin that allows me to “like” your posts.

    If they tried this in Texas, they’d learn the value of choosing their venue wisely. Most locales here offer little political correctness while offering more than enough readily accessible firearms to discourage such behavior and permanently render them incapable of a repeat offense.

    I say that from experience, having at one point stopped a fella who inadvisedly decided to settle an issue with a knife… just before discovering the wisdom of the phrase “never take a knife to a gunfight”.

    He didn’t die… in fact the gun wasn’t loaded… but even unloaded they make a most convincing visual aid. We have the benefit of being the birthplace of Texas Hold-em, we do know how to bluff effectively.

    For the record I doubt the guy that was about to get stuck with a knife is beating the drum for gun control, but the guy with the blade would no doubt like to see less guns in the hands of citizens. Kinda ruined his day when he went to jail. Oops.


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