In defense of Eric Holder….

The “creeping sense of remorse”
In a sparkling moment of inspiration, Eric Holder has acknowledged the “creeping sense of remorse” he’s felt as recent news stories have unfolded. For those that are unfamiliar with Mr Holder’s history… he’s not so much expressing doubts about the moral rectitude of his actions as much as a feeling the rest of us would describe as an “oh shit I’ll never get away with this what the hell  was I thinking” moment.

Face it. That has nothing to do with conscience
Holder’s conscience hasn’t been heard from in so long that even he couldn’t locate it with a search warrant and all the imperial storm troopers he used to raid Gibson Guitars.

Eric Holder, like his boss, is a lying cockwaffle.
Eric Holder searches the mental databank for his next permutation of truth.

But in the wake of the news that, just like the IRS…
… Holder has been using his authority as Attorney General like a pair of brass knuckles to punish and intimidate political opponents of the Obama administration… he’s apparently decided to launch a charm offensive.

[Nice trick when you don’t actually have any charm.] 

Plans to meet with the mainstream media
I’m sure some believe the object is to apologize for several actions that he’s personally taken (as well as personally denied taking while under oath), but more likely he’ll try to deflect blame onto others and evade knowledge of his own actions (much less *responsibility* for them), which has long been his modus operendi.

Meanwhile, I’ve heard Democrats that continue to defend Holder
… say it’s like banging their head against a brick wall, and they fear continuing to do so might cause permanent damage.

Don’t worry, guys… those brick walls can take a lotta punishment. :-)

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

2 thoughts on “In defense of Eric Holder….

  1. As you probably know, I have a different name for Mr. Holder. It better reflects his standing and mission in this present administration.

    Instead of the pedestrian old “Eric Holder” I much prefer “Herr Goebbels…”


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