Top 20 Reasons You Might Just Be an Idiot….

My apologies in advance to Jeff Foxworthy, but here goes:

-1- If you long for reinstatement of the Speaker of the House who passed the largest tax hike in the history of the country by saying “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it”… you might just be an idiot.

-2- If you believe tighter gun laws will disarm more gang members than law abiding citizens… you might just be an idiot.

-3- If you think the war on terror ended just because someone redefined terrorist attacks as workplace violence or senseless murder… you might just be an idiot.

-4- If you see teachers abusing children for having pistol shaped pieces of paper and assault Pop Tarts, and think this is being done to stop school shootings… you might just be a child abusing idiot.

-5- If you believe the guy that controls the most intrusive domestic spy apparatus this side of the Kremlin doesn’t have a clue what his subordinates are up to until he sees the evening news… you might just be an idiot.

-6- If you think Sarah Palin is a drooling moron based on things an actress said while playing Sarah Palin… but consider Joe Biden “endearing” for dozens of public misstatements and gaffes… you might just be an idiot.

-7- If the president can cut  air traffic controllers due to sequester, then throw a multi-million dollar party for  his donors, and it never occurs to you you’re footing the bill… you might be an idiot.

-8- If you think it’s a coincidence Barack Obama got criticized for a bogus statistic about the US guns used in Mexican crimes,  and shortly afterward executive departments got caught peddling guns to Mexican criminals… you might just be an idiot.

-9- If you can look at reams of publicity photos, released by the White House, of Obama in the situation room during the bin Laden raid, and not be mildly curious where he was during the 7 -8 hours of the Benghazi fiasco… you might just be an idiot.

-10- If you just can’t wait for your healthcare decisions to be in the hands of those nice people at the IRS… you might just be an idiot.

-11- If you think the IRS using their power to harass opponents of the president could be an act committed for anything BUT political reasons… you might just be an idiot.

-12- If  you think asking a voter to show a photo ID is a violation of his civil rights, but a guy selling a .22 pistol to his best friend should require an FBI background check beforehand… you might just be an idiot.

-13- If you think many key districts at or above 100% voter turnout does NOT reflect illegal behavior on behalf of the guy ALL those districts voted for in lockstep… you might be a really gullible idiot.

-14- If you can listen to a speaker who left his air conditioned mansion to board a private jet to criticize others for their carbon footprint, and you don’t laugh… you might be an enviro-idiot.

-15- If you see the Attorney General state under oath that he’s never heard of a certain action much less done it, then find he not only discussed it but signed a doc authorizing it, and you think that’s no big deal… you’re definitely an idiot.

-16- If you think the best thing to do with an IRS person who has abused the powers of their office for political purposes is to put them in charge of overseeing who gets healthcare… you might just be a HUGE idiot.

-17- If you are promised transparency and the rule of law… and you don’t see the irony when the chief law enforcement officer calls an off-the-record meeting to discuss his abuse of the law… you might just be an idiot.

-18- If you think the 2nd amendment only applies to muskets, but that interpretation has no bearing on the 1st amendment protecting free speech on the net… you might be an idiot who loses first amendment rights.

-19- If nothing on the list above reminds you of the book “1984” by George Orwell… you’re probably an illiterate idiot.

Last but by no means least…

-20- If every time you see these things reported you complain because you’re more interested in Snookie or Dancing with the Stars… you ARE an idiot.

NOTE: On 1-19 you may substitute “Democrat” for “idiot” and you’ll usually be right  

It’s a Venn diagram thing…
Not all idiots are Democrats, but most Democrats are idiots. Hey, don’t get your britches in a wad about it, and don’t take my word for it. Give yourself the test above and see for yourself.

That said… #20 could be people of any party
If you’re apathetic about what’s going on, then regardless of your party affiliation or lack thereof… you are the biggest idiot of all. Those who refuse to row the boat forfeit the right to bitch when it hits the rocks.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

8 thoughts on “Top 20 Reasons You Might Just Be an Idiot….

  1. I’d add one more…

    If you think a Republican President in 2016 will do anything to make the situation better…

    Seriously. The only difference between Republicans and Democrats is in which office they happen to be in when they kneel before their corporate masters.
    Shaking loose this false Republican / Democrat paradigm is the only way you guys can make things better. They’re all crooks.


  2. Zap – In many cases, true.

    The ones that lean toward libertarian principles (Cruz, Trey Gowdy, one or two others) I still think are worthwhile. I had my disagreements with Bush policy for sure… but there are some basic principles on the DNC side I consider the worse of the two by a longshot.

    Short of seeing an armed revolt we dont have any solution but to work within the current system, and I personally am not fomenting armed revolt. If I had my druthers, I’d just as soon avoid playing the live action Rambo game on US soil. Somebody could put an eye out.


    1. Just an outside observer’s opinion, but I think a good place to start would be the debates and ballot access.
      The Republicans and Democrats collude to ensure only they can be present at the Presidential debates. Put their feet to the fire to change that so you are presented with real choice.
      Let the people decide. They can handle it.


      1. Zap – Agreed. Putting their feet to the fire is the hard part. Our representation in DC to a great degree is tone deaf unless they perceive it as getting between them and re-election. As far as taxation without representation goes… our founders would probably have already started shooting.

        Granted, if we could muster a large enough hue and cry we might get action… but there you run into item #20.


  3. If you think FOX news is just right wing propaganda, but take, MSNBC, Huffpo, and Mother Jones as gospel, you just might be an idiot.

    If you think asking the rich to pay “their fair share” will indefinitely finance your food stamps, housing and Obama phones while you pay no federal taxes at all, you might not just be an idiot, but a greedy pig as well.

    Sorry Rob, I just couldn’t resist.


  4. Wow. I may never master the art of getting folks engaged on the comments section, but now I know how to get responses in the background.

    Thanks for the heads-up, folks. I fixed the two repeats on that list. [Not sure how that happened. Thinking of blaming the sequester.]


  5. I will admit, without any arm twisting whatsoever, that Republicans aren’t the perfect answer. Heck, that’s why I joined the Libertarian Party. That said, if that’s the only two choices I have, I’ll go with the Republican every time.

    As the twenty examples shown above well prove, voting Democrat requires just a bit too much suspension of disbelief. I was born at night, but it wasn’t LAST night.


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