How will History remember Barack Obama?

In 1976 the US celebrated its 200th year. We are rapidly approaching 250, and frankly bumping hard against the typical ceiling at which a civilization tends to last intact. But let us for the sake of argument assume the United States is around 100 years from now.

By that time we will long have since ceased to be impressed by things like the first black president, the first female president, the first president of Latino extraction, etc.  By that time we will likely have had firsts for virtually every conceivable demographic and had a stack of each beyond that.

Presumably by then, a president’s race and/or gender will be pretty unspectacular stuff, an item on a trivia test… like “Who was the last left-handed president”.

Barack Obama is a cockwaffle
The First Cockwaffle President

So once we get past the unmerited glow he gains from being the “first black president” , how will he be judged based on his actual merits as the leader of a nation? As commander in chief. As arguably the man holding one of the most powerful offices in the world.

How will he be graded on his performance by a society that may or may not remember his skin color? What will future historians think of a president with his economic record, his promises to actions ratio, his real record of transparency against his claims or the claim of a media that is solely in his camp?

How will history judge a man elected primarily for his skin color and ability to read other’s words from a teleprompter. Will history be impressed to see he built the greatest spy apparatus in the world, then claimed “I learned it on the news, just like you”  every time his subordinates got caught in a scandal?

Will they buy his story that the most powerful troublemaker in Washington was a guy that hadn’t made a political statement since leaving the presidency a half decade earlier?

What will they think of a “leader” who surrounded himself with subordinates who tried under oath to convince congress they actually had no clue what their own department was up to. What will they say about a guy who claimed to be constitutional scholar and then proceeded to shred the bill of rights once in office?

Will history notice that he used multiple executive departments as a political arm of his party with which he could punish political opposition?

What grade will history accord a president whose actions in office were often diametrically opposed to his campaign rhetoric, and more exaggerated than the same actions he accused his predecessor of performing?

Bottom line, will history praise him like the hosts of MSNBC, or will the final assessment look more like one on Fox?

My guess:
They’ll say his greatest contribution was proving George Orwell and PT Barnum were geniuses.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

2 thoughts on “How will History remember Barack Obama?

  1. As to your question prompting this extremely well written post, one supposes that it depends on how events unfold after the Anointed One’s political time runs out. Does the nation wake up after the abuses and skullduggery of this administration and move back to the Right? Do we FINALLY realize that a smaller limited government, devotion to Constitutional principles, and Capitalism free of insane and crippling restrictions is the one that brought us to the dance, and deserves our fidelity?

    Or do we continue in the direction we are heading, which is to say, thinly veiled Marxist/Socialist principles, police state tactics that would have made Adolph Hitler proud, and the death of what could arguably be held up as the world’s greatest political document, the U. S. Constitution?

    The simple fact is that the victor of a conflict gets to write the history that follows. Therefore one must assume that Sir Golfsalot will either be hailed as the man who brought about the new “Amerika”, the largest third world country on the globe and the shining beacon of despots, subservient masses, and economic ruin.

    If the other direction gets the nod, I would rather suspect that Barry will be burned in effigy every 4th of July. The discerning reader need not guess which path I would desire.


  2. Probably doesnt help his cause to keep adopting the patented “Il Duce” pose for the cameras. Between that and his brain-dead habit of doing crotch salutes we are reminded that based on information he himself supplies, unlike the rest of us, his early days were not spent in schools where the morning routine included placing his hand over his heart and pledging allegiance to our flag.

    Or as she-who-should-have-her-US-Treasury-Mastercard-cut-up would say… “All that for a flag?”


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