Obama admin to move Syrian refugees to sunny California?

Have heard a little of this on the news… then saw this tidbit pop up on a facebook page.

Obama Plans to Resettle Syrian Refugees in California

syrian rebels
Syrian rebels ready for move to sunny California. They’re gonna fit right in.

For those that haven’t seen the news lately, that would be the same Islamic jihadists that have split the last two years between fighting their government and beheading Syrian Christians.

Yeah… I know… how could this plan possibly go wrong.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

4 thoughts on “Obama admin to move Syrian refugees to sunny California?

  1. Love how the idiot has his finger on the bang button. At least he has it aimed up…

    Yeah, let’s see how well our vetting works to keep out the ‘bad’ jihadist….


  2. Hey, there might be an upside to this. Maybe if we import enough Muslims to add to the ones we already have, there will be enough of them to finally achieve majority status. That would make US the minority, and as we know, Liberals are ALL about protecting minorities, right.

    And of course, since we Christians and Jews are “People of the Book” and all that, the Muslims SURELY would treat us well.

    On second thought, Rob, I’m with you here. This whole plan’s gonna blow up in our face.

    Muslims. Blow up. See what I did there?


  3. We dont have a dog in this fight. It’s a civil war. No matter which side wins, it’s going to be someone that thinks the US and Israel are the devil and must die. Pardon the hell outta me for not caring to help either set of crazies exterminate the other.

    The fact that Obama and John McCain agree on it guarantees it’s bad policy. McCain’s gone back to showing why I didnt like his ticket until they added Palin to it.

    Arming this group will prove to be similar to when we armed bin Laden when he was fighting Russians or Iraq when they fought Iran. In both cases the guns were turned on us. Obama really sucks at learning from history. We need to stay the hell outta this.


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