Egypt is not our country, leave it alone, quit sending illegal funds

Obama is breaking the law. Period.

It is ILLEGAL to send funds to Egypt now that the government has been deposed in a military coup. Not “controversial” or “ill-advised“… ILLEGAL. Our President, who has zero respect for the rule of law, ignores that pesky fact. The state dept is going through verbal contortions, refusing to characterize the change in governance as what it obviously was, a military coup.

Tanks in Cairo
Tanks in Cairo

It is not our job to interfere in their civil war, which is exactly what is now in progress. Our policy with Egypt should not involve sending them money (we don’t even have, thank you) illegally.

We also need to quit telling them what they can and can’t do. It isn’t like our government is respected there anyway… every time a tank fires on their populace they remember who supplied tanks, and besides, the people getting fired on are burning Coptic Christian churches right and left. We are funding the military while inexplicably telling them to reinstate Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, so we end up being hated by both sides.

Our best bet is to withdraw ourselves from the situation. We are not making anything better. Our state dept and administration in general has done nothing but take a region where we were once feared and often hated and made it a region where we are considered a weak joke, and still hated.

We can be hated a lot cheaper if we quit handing them planes, tanks and dollars we cannot afford and cannot send legally anyway.

barack3 nose upYes, we do need to have overflights, and we do need access to the Suez Canal. So just get out of their local politics and very simply explain that our new policy is summed up as follows:

“You don’t screw with us, and we won’t make your tourist district glow in the dark.”

That’s all that need be said. Aside from that, leave them to sort out their own issues. We don’t want other countries telling us how to sort out ours… let’s return the favor and pay attention to our own problems.

One of those is a President who thinks he is above the rule of law. That’s enough to keep us busy for a long time.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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