Right Wing, I’m talking to YOU. Get off your butts, or shut up.

If fighting for what you CLAIM to believe were illegal, would you be convicted?

Sorry, but notwithstanding your rhetoric, most of you wouldn’t even be suspects.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ~ Edmund Burke

I’ve had well meaning friends preach at me for years about my dubious collection of vices. Today I am going to preach back. You are not warriors, you’re wimps. When it comes to fighting for change, you have other things to do. You can’t be counted on.

Case in Point: Senator Wendy Davis

Many of my friends live in her district. You attend great big church buildings with thousands of others… but despite her standing for a boatload of things you CLAIM not to believe in, Late-Term Abortion Barbie got elected in YOUR district, not mine.

She’s the one that recently lobbied to keep the standards for abortion clinics low and tried to defeat a bill to make sure late term abortions (5 months plus) were legal.

She’s the one that consistently fights against the Campus Carry Bill that would allow the most law abiding demographic in our populace, CCH holders, to exercise their 2nd amendment right on campus. Never mind that they have a lower incidence of any crime (especially gun related) than the general populace, they can be disarmed so that campus rapists have a safer workplace in which to operate.

We might as well tell our daughters the same nonsense college girls in Colorado got… if confronted by a rapist, urinate or defecate on yourself as a form of protection. Seriously?

BUT She is YOUR Senator… what are you actively doing to fix that?

Don’t answer. I know what most of you are doing. Nothing. You are not campaigning for a replacement for Wendy. You are not sharing information on a replacement with your neighbors. You are not using whatever social media you use to support a better candidate. If you are doing anything at all, you MIGHT be saying, “Gosh, that’s OUR Senator? How’d that happen.”

So bottom line… stick a dime in the phone or get outta the booth

Something I used to give vendors had a few rules I required of those I did business with. One line on it explained I don’t really want to hear about the labor pains, I just want to see the baby. Talk means zip if you don’t DO something.

If you are still reading… Yeah, I called your baby ugly today

And I also hope it offends the heck out of you. Really. If that is what it takes to get you excited, get mad at me, but for heavens sake get excited about making a change instead of whining that things are not as they should be.

This applies to every election from school board to the White House

If you are not part of the solution you ARE the problem. On a local note, regarding replacing Wendy… we DO have a candidate who not only  lacks her hardcore liberal views, he has 3 decades of business experience Wendy cannot even aspire to.  Go visit his FaceBook Page and hit the LIKE button, but DO NOT CONFUSE THAT WITH HAVING DONE SOMETHING.

If it were against the law to fight for your beliefs, even if liking a FB page pointed suspicion your way it wouldn’t start to guarantee a conviction. You could say you just did it to be polite.

  • Get on that page and ask him what YOU can do to help.
  • Donate money.
  • Donate time.
  • Talk to your friends, in person and online.

Get out of the comfort zone and fight for what you believe.

Trust me… if it causes you to miss an episode of Duck Dynasty, they WILL re-run it.

Here’s his contact data:

Sorry fellas, but I suck at sugar-coating it

We need every able person to get up and act. I guarantee you the left may have ideas that are nuttier than a big jar of Skippy, but their people WILL go out and fight for them. You can’t counter it by just being offended, you have to act.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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