So You Think Putin is Bluffing?

A lotta folk think Putin’s just blustering. Wouldnt bet on that. 

So far Obama’s mishandled every military venture that was on the burner when he arrived. Then he screwed up in Libya, and then he didn’t back his own men when it counted. He’s generally shown his amateur status, his ineptitude, his lack of a coherent plan or resolve.

He’s weakened the military and shown disrespect for them openly. Obama has ignored his generals direction, purged experienced officers, and shoved a homosexual agenda down their throats while asking them if they will fire on their countrymen if he asks. Most of the military clearly hates him now.

In short, Obama’s exactly what you get if you make a community organizer Commander-in-Chief.

And the US public is vocally war weary and opposes even a limited action in the Mediterranean. The public isn’t about to give junior the keys to the car just so he can go rumble with Russia.

Ex-KGB vs Ex-Community Organizer
Ex-KGB vs Ex-Community Organizer

Putin is ex-KGB. He isn’t missing these cues.

Two things are rather obvious;

  1. Putin doesn’t like Obama.
  2. Putin doesn’t respect Obama.

AND if he can stand him down or embarrass him in any way…  it would do nothing but enforce his own stature at home and abroad as a world class bad dude. And he likes to cultivate that image.

Given that mix, this is not an opportune time to see if Putin would be interested in screwing with us. He very well might, because frankly given the state of the union with Obama at the helm this would be the best opportunity in history for Russia to gain something by doing it. And we aren’t going to go nuclear and he damned well knows it.

Yes have a varsity military, but we have the JV quarterback calling plays.

I see no reason to risk our kids just because our candy-ass president made some hasty remarks and now he’s painted himself into a corner. That isn’t why you go to war.

You go to war because there is some definable goal to accomplish. We don’t have one in Syria.

By the way: Yes, Putin might really be bluffing. That doesn’t mean congress or Obama needs to bet some kids lives on it. If they want to bet someone’s life… gas up the dinghy and hand them a flak jacket and a gun. Hope it works out for ya, girls. Put your own ass on the line for your political causes, but leave our military out of it.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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