Colorado Citizens Fight Back at Ballot Box

Notwithstanding the insipid Syria platitudes last night that just added sprinkles on top of the president’s poorly orchestrated attempt to wag-the-dog… yesterday was a good day.

And not just because raging idiot Anthony Wiener got less than 5% of the vote in NYC, though that was admittedly a sign the people of New York City are getting tired of politicians pissing on their foot and telling them it’s just raining.

constitution 2

The big news yesterday was in Colorado, where voters summarily ousted two for two Democrat Senators recalled for their respective roles in passing over-reaching anti-2nd-amendment legislation.

The good people of Colorado did protest RIGHT:

  • They didn’t wring their hands and bear it.
  • Neither did they riot, burn cars and loot big screen TVs for the sake of social justice.
  • They didn’t even occupy a public park and defecate on police cars.

They signed a recall petition, went to the polls, and unceremoniously removed two legislators who refused to listen to their constituents. THIS is how voters everywhere should deal with tyrants who think their ideas supersede our constitution.

There had never been a state senator recalled in Colorado. Yesterday two lost their cushy jobs.

Note to liberal lawmakers: Can ya hear us NOW?


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