Give Generously: Help Kickstart WWIII!

Ruthless satire of the left’s glossy but vacuous Social Media machine aimed at the terminally gullible group that will buy any swill regardless of content provided Obama tells them it is tasty.

WATCH VIDEO: Political Ad Paid for by…

Americans for Whatever Barack Obama Wants
Did You Know He’s Friends with JayZ?

But the best part… this is the work of “The 2nd City Group”.  Based in Chicago.

For those that slept thru the last half century, that’s the group that spawned Saturday Night Live… (recently renamed First Holy Church of the Virgin with an Obama Sticker).

Hard to pick a favorite line, but the kid that introduces himself as a Foreign Policy Analyst and barrista has to rank near the top. [And I seriously gotta get my hands on some of the cool rockets controlled by iPads.] Yes, wars can be really COOL when Obama starts them.

Call me an optimist, but in some cases the effects of the Koolaid may be wearing off.



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